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Love Yourself!

There are times when you must stop, stand still, look around at the people in your life and then decide whether all that you give them (not necessarily monetarily) is being appreciated or worth it. We are created selfish and only tend to reciprocate when we care or are extremely well brought up.

If you are in doubt weigh your efforts not against what they give back but whether you are giving as much time to yourself as you give to them!

Learn to love yourself more and to allocate more or enough “Me” time to everything you do!

Life Lessons … Keep the Faith!

We must always do what we believe to be right and proper even if others do not do the same thing or live up to the same standards.

Some may go to public prayer groups in churches and mosques and yet do nothing to help a relative or stranger in need. Worse may be when you reach out and help a stranger in desperate need and yet their own wealthy family do nothing.

Rather than be dispirited remember that your loving kindness is part of your makeup and perhaps mission on earth so don’t be discouraged .. simply keep the faith!


Humility is another great hearing aid for helping us become open to guidance but sometimes we don’t hear because we have a process to go through. And sometimes it’s the process that creates the “humility to hear”.

This is why most people need to be broken in order for the messages to enter their awareness.
What does it mean to be broken? The ego is out of the way.

It is critical to show how to proactively bring ourselves to a place of humility, without needing the universe to do it for us.

Politicians in Ghana – on Dumsor

Time has caught up with many parts of our continent. At least when I am communicating with Rian and others in South Africa they are able to tell me when load shedding starts and when it finishes. Luckily for them they do not have to experience it for more than a few hours at a time.

I heard recently that some of our less well enlightened politicians believe that the “dumsor” situation was not unduly affecting businesses!

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More on DUMSOR!

Have you ever bothered to calculate the cost of DUMSOR to you? If you are fortunate enough or perhaps unfortunate enough to possess a generator there is the diesel and maintenance cost. For others there are medical, lifestyle, the cost of electrical items malfunctioning etc which they must deal with!

Maybe the time has come for people to start farming and rearing to cater for themselves to mitigate their increased costs and reduced standard of living.

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As my third day without electricity reaches an end i did my calculations on cost, productivity, health, inconvenience and wondered and wondered. There are no words to describe this situation and in speaking to others it is apparent that everyone suffers by degree and everyone is slowly reaching a point where cynicism alone cannot and does not work.

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The Mad Man

The Mad Man

When talking of Africa’s potential and Africa’s problems the question of leadership always arises. There is never the assumption that the educated elite or existing systems can save the continent. It is always invariably about leadership and history has shown that our success (where there has been) has evolved from the strength of a single “madman” (as TS put it) or a collective pain, taking action to right the abuses of political leaders gone astray!

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Sometimes when fear of something enters into our subconscious it not only affects our perception of truth and reality but can also set into motion a series of occurrences which can destroy relationships and life!

One of our biggest challenges is to identify what our fears are and then understand that these need to be isolated and managed without seeking to draw others into the dark spiral which will eventually leave us sad and all alone!

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