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Politics and Ghana ……

I have been bombarded in my inbox about why i do not get involved in national issues so i have penned a few paragraphs to broadly explain why!

Ghana is bigger than all of us and loyalty to public servants in the face of failure and wrong doing is as sinful as the wrong doers! The majority of our problems over the years have not required any levels of genius to figure out and suggestions on resolving should not have been the preserve of pointless committees rather one of strong, decisive, brave and patriotic leadership!

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Ghana Today!

Today’s problems did not start now! The fact is successive governments have laid the platform for today’s nightmare and have been allowed to move on because current politicians have sought it fit not to audit their predecessors! Now the responsibility is theirs! Decisive and firm leadership pooling more talented resources from a larger and more dynamic pool prepared to not only think out of the box but capable of using global contacts to make a difference is what is required! We are indeed one step away from a disintegration no one wants. All sides of the political divide need to see our current situation as a national disaster!

As i boarded a tram in Northern Europe i received a call from Ghana to tell me that fuel prices were being increased @20%  then i heard that the Cedi was approaching 6 to £1!!!

In disbelief i called Cow Lane in Accra and was told that the rates were as follows!

£ $ €
5.95 3.5 4.75

Planning for businesses with this anarchical situation is impossible and coupled with other non existent or unreliable services life is gradually becoming beyond unbearable for everyone! 

No situation or level of pain can last forever and that is what we must all pray against and fear! 

The kept word…

The kept word is what defines trust and transcends physical beauty!

To allow your partner to be your staff/rail/handlebar You must be their cushion!

It is only by working in tandem selflessly and without account that partners become soul-mates!

There comes a point in time when we must all think more about ourselves and less about those we sacrifice so much for

and who take our love and support for granted!

Love and Life

The glue which cements our love within relationships is the transparent routine we live by.

The daily call at accepted times, the special rendevouz when possible, the celebration of anniversaries and birthdays all ensure that the faith is kept when the negative head of insecurity rears itself!

Pay Back …

In Italy apparently when it is pay back time a dead fish is put outside your door (in Ghana someone may pick it and go prepare breakfast with it … unless they understand what the full implications of a dead fish on a doorstep are)

In other parts of the World (where there is mistrust for institutions) evil and wrong-doing are met with the same and more.

“A life for an eye” philosophy ensures that people are careful before they mess with the lives of others.

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