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APAGYAHENE is laid to rest

In a rare appearance i attended the funeral of the late and respected Nana Apagyahene in Ashtown in Kumasi.

Nana was a gentleman who made a big impression on me when i first joined Kotoko. He gave me early warnings on the challenges that lay ahead and asked whether i had “thick skin”! He was always strong and yet gracious and quick to lend a smile, tease a bit and give needed support and advise!

Napo his Son became a good friend years later and supported me in my May 9th stadium anniversary celebrations.

I am deeply saddened and pray for his soul and that the Lord strengthensIMG_0456

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More Life lessons

In aspiring to reach and stay in the light we must recognise that darkness exists.

We must also recognise that both light and dark have biblical as well as real life implications.

We must not just enjoy the words we must live it both in goodness and in recognising evil!

Remember goodness and light do not exist in a vacuum…. protect yourself at all times!

Good begets good, light begets light… dark begets dark and evil begets evil!

People out there …

We all have to recognise that there are bad and evil people out there. There may or may not be redemption for them and we may want everyone to do good and look to the light but we must recognise in prayer and goodness that there are simply too many evil people out there and in all walks of life!

Maybe the question, as we search to do good ourselves is, how do we handle those people?

2012 Elections in Ghana …… Observations

There were times over the last few days when i wondered about our future.

I knew that some of our institutions were “suspect” to say the least and with raised tensions, massive and at times polarised security, unnecessary press conferences, citizenry armed, misleading result information and evidence of mistakenly or intentionally wrong election data.

The emergence of untruths and dodgy rumours meant that as the media failed us, the EC site mysteriously crashed and various live feeds were not the real deal.  We were, seemingly on a course of possible violence and anarchy.

The fact that we didn’t owes more to the natural self restraint of the Ghanaian citizens than to the various institutions established to legitimise both the process and peace!

Given the sad ethnocentric theme which kept rearing it’s head throughout this election (more so than others) we need to be lauded for the present peace.

What i find extremely fascinating, given many factors, was the restraint shown by the apparent loser Nana Akuffo Addo. Given the information which was quickly emerging about numbers fraud in some areas. It would have been easier for a determined and ambitious politician like Nana Akuffo Addo to decide to make allegations of fraud, cheating and conspiracies publicly prior to the EC’s announcement last night confirming John Dramani Mahama as victor but he didn’t.

The fact that he didn’t and chose to seek redress through other means is what makes this process workable in our context.

The future is still uncertain but what is important is that peace is maintained even in the context of any allegation.

Ghana after all must always come first!

More LIFE Lessons!

Ever get worried about the pull him down mentality or feeling let down by people you once trusted?

Well it is easy for this kind of thinking to weigh down on you persuading you to be even more careful in order to avoid the risk of getting hurt. Of course we don’t want to be reckless, but we can’t change unless we take risks.

Perhaps we need to thicken our skin, toughen our resolve and see life as a major adventure. Yes we need to bring about change and the greater good is invariably better and more important than playing it safe.

Try to remember “don’t worry about your haters; most of them will only get a taste of success when they take a bite out of you!”


There can be no greater or purer love than that of a child for a parent. It must not be taken for granted and when lines are crossed it is the parent who must see the bigger picture rather than simply waiting for his/her child to be the one who asks for forgiveness!

Remember a person who does not have the love of his/her child has a hole in their life which cannot be filled by any other!

The purest love is that of your child. Treasure and respect it and never take it for granted!

Appreciate that times have changed and children are not only opinionated but they learn from what you do rather than what you say!


Relationships can only survive the turbulence of insecurity and misunderstandings which naturally occur if we are prepared to communicate at all times.

If the underlying basis of the relationship is trust based on shared ideals and a sense of integrity then we must nurture it by communicating at all and especially the most difficult of times.

Remember to communicate directly without the interference of outside parties many of whom have their own interest!


Speaking to a young couple yesterday the obvious was revealed to me and that was that

Love is more than a game for two and that when two people transform their inner nature from receiving into sharing, they give life and indeed themselves a chance. If we are all able to do this imagine what kind of world we would live in!

If we can set aside ego maybe we can remember this next time we are in conflict with a loved one and maybe we can prevent all the negativity too!

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