• Herbie,

    Great job as always my brother. I loved it when you told the reporter you lived in the trenches of Okaishie and you built your fortunes from the scratch.
    Anyway, I lived with you at that time with James, now known as Prof. Yaw Nyarko.
    Please tell the Rawlings haters to pick up and read the trial of JJ by Kojo Yankah, and it will present a clear picture of who the man is; that book changed my whole thinking of that man to believe he is the most unselfish Ghanaian left on this planet.


  • I think Herbert, u must spare us the insults and give a very constructive criticism of Ex-President Kuffour. We all disagree with one another at any time, but as people who aspire for leadership in future, it is incumbent on us to express our concerns without resort to verbal abuse. I remember when i was in Ghana i used to say this same thing to those who referred to ur stewardship at Kotoko in distasteful words.

  • wow that was a blast! you always make me proud. this is what i call frank talk.

  • cecil opoku mensah

    In fact i was very much convinced when i watched your interview on metro t.v (good evening Ghana).you happen to be one of the few Ghanaians that stand for the well being of the poor in our country.And i fully support your ideologies and moreover i agree on your move to the N D C because they share your own ideologies.my respectful plead to you is that continue to be objective and be patriotic till some Ghanaians will emulate your mannerism towards the less privileged in our society.Pls ignore the bad deeds of those hypocrates regardless of what they exhibited during their tenure of leadership since the least said about them the better ,So when are u setting up a radio station like x fm in kumasi.keep on being one of the giants in our country who are fighting for proper dispensation of democracy in an era of
    greediness and lies.

    CECIL,Christian service university,kumasi

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