Blessed to connect three generations later

I am really blessed to still have the enjoyment of having contact of three generations. Here are some pictures of my dad, B.A. Mensah, my grandmother “Old Bob” and myself.





  • hi herbert how are u just checking

  • well its great for you to be have these lovely generations around you.

    it is a great source of information. because these are people who have been around, i guess for almost a century and can provide great historical background to the early days of Ghana. This will help a great deal in all your research. tap all you can from them. stay blessed.

  • Hey Herbs,
    This is indeed most special. I have never see clear recent pics of these bespoke members of your family. Their pride and grace are very evident. Your genes are blessed.
    Take good care and be happy, Herbert.
    regards to the family.

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