• my greatest disappointment ever! seeing a person i adore so much dine and wine wif ma enemy! how could u herbie join forces wif JJ? pls dont give ppl de chance for the to paint u as being opportunist.

  • Good to have listen to Herbert’s view on so many issues, I disagree with him on some of the issues but also agree with a lot of the issues he raised. I thank Peterkin Afedi for the website address since it has given me an insight tol isten to a person I wished could be the FA boss in Ghana though I have strong reservations of he been a Kotoko fan for I am a Phobian to the core (Laugh it off).
    I have always believe without any doubt that Herbert can do a good job on Footballl administration in Ghana, ggod to know your website and will spread the good news out. I will be listening to it regularly , criticise when it’s necessary and give praises accordingly.

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