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Herbert MensahThis space was inspired by my personal experiences in Africa and abroad and a realisation that the solutions to the problems and challenges of Africa, and the world for that matter, will not be found by entrusting them to the politicians of today. The challenges of corruption, poverty, lack of basic amenities to the people, poor infrastructure and the multitude of other challenges will take a lot more than just political wisdom that is in many cases misguided and not geared towards a general quest to alleviate the plight of the people.

What then is the solution? The answer to this is not so obvious. One thing I have realised is that change is somehow central to the solution. Digging the same wells deeper will not lead to the discovery of new wells. Change, change agents and change directors are needed.

This blog is my contribution to play a small, but hopefully constructive, role in the process of change. Through this blog I will explore relevant and critical issues for investigation and debate. Through this blog I will hopefully generate a think tank of contributions that will lead to influences on policy directions – not only on a national basis but also on a global basis.

I trust that you will enjoy this journey with me.

Yours truly,

Herbert Mensah

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  • M. Mensah I’m honoured to be your first contrubutor. I am a great admirer of your business acumen and achievements over the years. I have always watched you at a distance and aspired quietly to be like you some day. I hope i can some day realise this dream. Kudos sir, youve done a great job!I hope we can meet up sometime to network and establish a good mutually beneficial relationship…God bless!

  • Hey Herbie

    When are next cooking one of your special spaghetti bolognaises with cubed cheddar!!

    How are you doing big guy? Its been a while.

  • Mr. Herbert Mensah is indeed a model and a mentor to me as a feature writer for Graphic Sports. His achievements day by day propels me to the pinnacle of my career. He restores hope and confidence for the future in me.

    I need his email address to discuss my plans and receive direction and guidance from him as an experience person in his field of accomplishment.

    Most privilege to pass this comment.

    Thank you.
    Ernest Kabu
    (Feature Writer, Graphic Sports Communications)
    Tel: 024- 6334085
    email: dextarios@yahoo.com

  • I too, would like to see myself as a Pan – Africanist. I am currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Global Security at Cranfield University in the UK. I agree with Herbert that Africa needs radical change and the politicians might not be inclined to bring that kind of change to Africa. There is a requirement for a groundswell of activism from the peoples of Africa to force our politicians to unite the continent politically, economically, diplomatically and militarily. Even God admitted when the people of Babel,in the book of Genesis, united to build a tower to reach the heavenlies and make a name for themselves, that nothing could hinder them from achieving their goal because they were as one. A functional, real, continental unity is crucial. As a strong believer in God, I know the astounding things that God has said about Africa but it takes a people of action to bring down what is in the mind of God for this great continent. I commit my life to that.

  • Hi Herbert,
    i listened to you on JOY FM today : 29 – 04 – 2009, and, i was amazed at your thoughts on social issues. The fact that, you care so much about the down trodden in our society.
    I have always wanted an opportunity, to get in touch but to no avail.
    After listening to you, something just struck me to type : http://www.herbertmensah.com, and BINGO!, i was there.
    Mr. Mensah, i am a physically challenged person. Infact, the executive secretary of the Ghana Federation of the Disabled(New Juaben Municipality).
    Mobility as usual, has always been a problem. I am hereby, appealing to you, to use your kind gesture, to buy me an All Terrain Vehicle(ATV), like a bike , but has four tyres.
    It will greatly enhance my movements, and make me more efficient, in respect of the work i do, on behalf of my people.
    Please, i am not being opportunistic. I just have a feeling you indeed are the person to help me.
    God bless you, and, hope to hear from you soon.
    Tel : 0208125785.

  • In a recent interview granted by you to Joy Radio, I was quite impressed with the level of maturity you displayed on political issues, with specific emphasis on getting on leaders to look into the future rather than looking backwards and wasting precious tax payer money on witch hunting.

    It is important from my point view that pass excess should go unpunished, however, this should not be the main focus of the current administration. Ghana is faced with plethora of problems , namely huge youth unemployment, security issues and lack of quality education. All these issues are pressing and if our leaders are not strategic enough in tackling the issues I fear the future for Ghanaian youth.

    I do not share a political philosophy that blames all social ills on an administration, but i believe that a strong government – private partnership is needed in Ghana to move the country forward.

    From the interview I get a sense of your vision for the nation, however, in a country where politicians see public office as a means to amass wealth, only a reorientation of the mindset of the youth to demand change will be the most powerful tool to demand accountability and probity. Herbert you have a powerful platform to help bring about change, and that is what we the youth expect of you. we are ready to help with resources both time and treasure, if you have the will to surmon us.

  • i am very priveleged to have this opportunity to contribute to your blog. herbie is one man i have always adored and respected ever since u appeared on de scenes of ghana football. i really share your thoughts about how our society is being directed with respect to our leaders and the kind of ideas and mentality to bring to public service. as ordinary lay men i believe we can do little and our little is to raise our voices to put ppl at the right places and on their toes. i believe that if u make noise about sometyn, once its de truth u shall be vindicated one day. hoping for the best for u kwabena amponsah. it saddens me that with all your high level knowledge in sports management all your effoets in bringing onto the premier scene a team of your own has not yielded any results. jx praying all gets well with u.!

  • Hello Mr. Herbert Mensah,

    Great to see you the other night on “good evening ghana” on metro t.v. You inspired hope in ghanaians and i cannot wait to see you occupy the higher seat of this state, the presidency. we need leaders who can translate their knowledge into results and you have proven it in all your areas of specialization. you’re the best man for ghana and thanks to ex-president Rawlings for finding you.

  • Yorkor Garri – remember? I am glad to see that you are still the undaunted champion of numerous Ghanaian causes. When are you going to run? A STRONG MAN is needed. Sometimes the exhausted horse must be dragged to the water and encouraged to drink.

  • Dear Herbert,

    We met for the first and last time when your father directed my request in your direction, you were not able to help but your reply was the first honest reply i had received and was impressed by it.

    I have noticed that your goals are very similiar to mine and I know that you can achieve them and I cannot, because they are political challenges.

    I would like us to spend one evening on my terrace behind the trade fair site with a clear view of the sea (very inspiring) and exchange our ideologies for the betterment of our people and mankind.

    Should this proposal interest you, call me on 024 345 7878 to confirm date and time. I would like to invite a mutual friend CHESTER to join us, that is if you have no objection. I think he is on our wave-length “COMBINATION OF IDEOLOGIES BUIILD A NATION”

    If, PEACE and LOVE is UNDERSTOOD then COMPROMISE is NOT a defeat, it is a VICTORY. This is what is needed in the NORTH today and it has to be implemented by someone who is trusted. YOU and I know who can achieve this, let him act now before it is too late.

  • Having followed your success story in corporate governance and now hearing you on political gov leaves me to deify you. i wil l start from the premise that the wisdom men have acquired are meant for the betterment of society. we are as ignorant as the word if we our wisdom and knowledge are divorced from pragmatism. iam a student of society with humans as my variables. society is my laboratory as long as i have breath.

  • I think you are the same Herbie Mensah I went to Sussex Uni with…
    if not then you have same name AND look like him.
    Hope all going well…no doubt it is!

  • Am Nigerian whose enthusiastic emotions get aroused each time I see people like you Sir energizing the ability and agility in me towards the realization and actualization of real liberty in the African’s continent. Many have slept, the few ones awake should purportedly wake the snoring ones from their sleep this is because Africans owns the world, our freedom is germane to total development of the continent in all ramification. Peace and Unity are also two main rope extremes that should bind all Africans together in-locoparentis out of societal, political and background mumbo-jumbo. Sir, this is why have committed my self to develope my blog in sending and enlightening my the people about importance of been together in freedom. Sir, you can always visit it here’s the link http://www.centray6442.wordpress.com

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