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Love Yourself!

There are times when you must stop, stand still, look around at the people in your life and then decide whether all that you give them (not necessarily monetarily) is being appreciated or worth it. We are created selfish and only tend to reciprocate when we care or are extremely well brought up.

If you are in doubt weigh your efforts not against what they give back but whether you are giving as much time to yourself as you give to them!

Learn to love yourself more and to allocate more or enough “Me” time to everything you do!


Time is like the bullet to a marksman. Once fired they can never be taken back. The same is the case with an angry word uttered or negative deed done to another!

Once realised the best way to approach life is also to appreciate that today and tomorrow gives us another opportunity not to fire the bullet with negativity but to search the light and positivity with an accurate aim!

The challenge is to keep doing the positive when around you others seem bent on staying in darkness … and firing recklessly!

Keep the Faith!

When you come across difficult situations, people or circumstances see them as situations NOT to react to. After all if you really want to improve and become a better person then it is imperative that you look carefully at how you react to these circumstances!

Although it is easier said than done try not to blame others rather try and see the positive and move with it.

I believe that positivity begets positivity, negativity begets negativity, darkness begets darkness and most importantly light begets light!

Stay blessed and keep the faith!