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Many people’s movement  to the light is often done without planning or clarity and often does not stand the test of time. Indeed for many their movement is guided through tragedy, illness, debt and financial difficulty or bad relationships!
The problem arises when the desperation passes and the motivation decreases and so does their search for the light!

The best way to keep strength is to make it a lifestyle exercise which will enable you to not only seek the truth but to do unto others what is required to make the world a better place!


Time is like the bullet to a marksman. Once fired they can never be taken back. The same is the case with an angry word uttered or negative deed done to another!

Once realised the best way to approach life is also to appreciate that today and tomorrow gives us another opportunity not to fire the bullet with negativity but to search the light and positivity with an accurate aim!

The challenge is to keep doing the positive when around you others seem bent on staying in darkness … and firing recklessly!


Many people assume they have great friendships/relationships until they break.

Perhaps the criteria is never properly understood

A great friendship/relationship is based on two main principles. First, appreciate your similarities and second, respect your differences.


You heard of the phrase what goes around comes around…

Well can you hear those footsteps behind you? That’s not me running after you. That’s karma catching up to you.

Sometimes it is important to remember and practise to do unto others as you would they and others would do to you!


One of my greatest points of past and current sadness is the lack of opportunity and hope for many teenagers and young people… i constantly get asked to help out with jobs to the point of some desperation…

Surely the time has come for a national approach and consensus on this most real of problems. It is time not for what was done yesterday to be repeated but for a new kind of thinking and vision which would elevate Ghana to the point where our real growth was matched by real jobs and opportunities!

New Quotes

“I didn’t leave because you made too many mistakes. I left because you made the same mistake too many times….. because you were prepared to sacrifice my kindness to satisfy others whom you know betrayed me and what we stood for”

“Compromise is necessary in any relationship. Compromising your dignity, self-worth, or self-respect is not. Never compromise on your principles.”


I have just been visited by someone who has been living a parallel life to me over the past 10 years. I was not only surprised by how much he knew of me but also outlined situations where he was present when others planned to and plotted my downfall in business and soccer!

As the various names and faces went through my mind the person who had spoken with me saw that i was disturbed and quickly reminded me of something i had earlier read to him.

“If I could only love the most evil person in the world as much as the Creator loves the most wicked of us”….

Yes it is easier to preach and the real challenge is to practise what we preach!

No matter what, for all of the good reasons not to be kind to people, we still need to remember that everyone has the Light inside of them. It may be more covered in some than in others, but it’s there.

Leave the settlement of issues to God. At the appropriate time he will judge …….


If we live our lives in the way the good Book (Bible/Kuran) teaches we will never feel that God is far away. After all God is the constant .. it is we who tend to move!

We must not only pray when we want, need or are in distress. We must live as guided by the Book.

Today, think about the many blessings you have in your life that didn’t initially feel like blessings and remember it is all about the way we live!

People and Positivity

Are there people whom as you think of either call or appear.

They are people whom the minute you speak of positively or negatively appear. They have the ability to disarm you with kindness when you are flat or thinking negatively and with radiance when when you think of them positively.

Everyone has matching spirits even if you have never met. Try and keep your light shining and look for positivity  in people where others only criticise and look for the negative.

Positivity creates Positivity

Not all illnesses can be cured with drugs. More often than not sharing love with an ailing friend can help make them well again.

Having someone who can take pressure away and make you smile and allow you to take a more positive perspective on problems and life can be worth more than medicine.

Today start moving with people who open up your minds making you receptive to the light. Remember positivity creates positivity!

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