Politicians in Ghana – on Dumsor

Time has caught up with many parts of our continent. At least when I am communicating with Rian and others in South Africa they are able to tell me when load shedding starts and when it finishes. Luckily for them they do not have to experience it for more than a few hours at a time.

I heard recently that some of our less well enlightened politicians believe that the “dumsor” situation was not unduly affecting businesses!

The only people who do not believe that these erratic, unplanned power outages have little to no influence on business must be the delusional, live without the need for any form of power, do not have to pay for it or have never been engaged in any levels of productivity which involve the purchase of power “Politician” or thief!

Peace FM recently confirmed a daily diesel purchase of 1,500 Cedis a day and I am being told that many large businesses are running fuel and maintenance charges well in excess of this.

We are in a major crisis which must not be belittled. The politicians have failed us that is clear. Yes this problem did not start now and can be traced back to the turn of the century. Both political parties have had their chances to plan and to rectify the situation. They have had the chance to better educate us not only on usage but also on who benefits from poor decision making which has enabled the gas to continue to be flared rather than harnessed and brought to us, why TOR is where it is at and what the state is of the Gas from the W.A. Gas pipeline.

People want solutions and not political gesturing or indeed jockeying. The systems clearly do not work and “accountability” apparently is just a word out of the dictionary.

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