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“Dumsor” is Real!

As time passes rather than getting used to “Dumsor” I get more nervous. My nervousness arises from or for 4 different reasons:

1. Inability to plan because blackouts are unscheduled, unplanned and without warning

2. The rising cost of surviving means that managing recurrent expenses and taking care of daily affairs has become extremely difficult. The monies used for the generator mean less for other important things.

3. The wear and tear on the generator is perhaps amidst the rest of my fears, the biggest. The cost of replacing or repairing generators is massive and knowing that generators like any and all machines have a limit on usage and life

4. I provide “free” power for a few neighbours including the local pharmacy who desperately need power for care… Today was my nightmare day … the machine broke down …. business stopped and alternatives had to be sought! There was no comfort in learning that Adom, The Guide et al have all suffered similar or worse fates!

All I can say to those people who cannot see any correlation between “Dumsor” and productivity is clearly that they have never had to work or been truly productive before … maybe they have simply benefitted from society and individuals and therefore simply do not get it! “DUMSOR” is real

Politicians in Ghana – on Dumsor

Time has caught up with many parts of our continent. At least when I am communicating with Rian and others in South Africa they are able to tell me when load shedding starts and when it finishes. Luckily for them they do not have to experience it for more than a few hours at a time.

I heard recently that some of our less well enlightened politicians believe that the “dumsor” situation was not unduly affecting businesses!

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More on DUMSOR!

Have you ever bothered to calculate the cost of DUMSOR to you? If you are fortunate enough or perhaps unfortunate enough to possess a generator there is the diesel and maintenance cost. For others there are medical, lifestyle, the cost of electrical items malfunctioning etc which they must deal with!

Maybe the time has come for people to start farming and rearing to cater for themselves to mitigate their increased costs and reduced standard of living.

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