Dumsor Is Simply Unacceptable; People Must Exhibit Rage – Herbert Mensah

Businessman, Mr Herbert Mensah has charged Ghanaians to show “rage” to government over the erratic power supply, popularly known as ‘dumsor’ in the country.

He said although the existing power situation cannot be blamed entirely on the current administration, it was important that clear timelines were communicated to Ghanaians by officialdom as far as fixing the problem was concerned.

In a monologue video posted on Facebook last Saturday, Mr Mensah, a former Chairman of Kumasi Asante Kotoko Football Club said it was frustrating. He called for the need for people to stop politicking with dumsor since the situation was unacceptable

He questioned if the custodians of power were capable of giving the information, and road map that will give the kind of peace that people require,

“… that you are gonna suffer for six more months, this is the reasons, its gonna be better, prices will come down, so that people can plan.”

“You know the most frustrating things when we end in situations like we are in right now, clearly everything is falling into pieces. We sit down in a situation where there is no light, your productivity is shrunk to zero, your overheads are a nightmare, you have to take your eye off the ball and think about basic existence.”

According to Mr Mensah: “…at a time that clearly we are in this major crisis, the exchange rate has decided to go yoyo to hell again… I just really wish for one moment that people will stop politicking and deal with the issues at hand.

This situation, he said was clearly unacceptable. “We are where we are because of a period of total mismanagement and total disrespect for the people of Ghana.”

“It hasn’t come about today, it has been in the coming for quite a while and successive custodians of power have simply mismanaged it, because they have failed to understand what their role is as public servants, serving all of us.”

He said because we believe in this thing called democracy which, “I’m not sure that I do at times, most at times, it just seems as though people are a little bit what do we do? Whereas I will like people to exhibit rage, I will like the people who feel that when people talk about the famous or infamous dumsor, to stop looking at it now as an attack on the president.

Peace FM via Daily Graphic

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