More on DUMSOR!

Have you ever bothered to calculate the cost of DUMSOR to you? If you are fortunate enough or perhaps unfortunate enough to possess a generator there is the diesel and maintenance cost. For others there are medical, lifestyle, the cost of electrical items malfunctioning etc which they must deal with!

Maybe the time has come for people to start farming and rearing to cater for themselves to mitigate their increased costs and reduced standard of living.

I sat with two business folks who need power 24/7 .. and listened to them bemoan their increased problems. Filling or topping up their generators four times a week at 800 Cedis a pop means that if the situation does not abate the bottomline means an increased cost of 166,400 Cedis a year over and above normal ECG charges. I was then reminded that this did not include the cost of servicing their generators.

I guess for smaller units the costs go down and for bigger ones the price goes up!

I wonder how much gets passed onto the consumer and how much is absorbed…

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