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God having created us with two forward facing eyes and a sixth sense has ensured that that we need friends to guide and support us with what we cannot see!

The greatest disservice to genuine friendship is an inability to speak the truth when it most matters and then to lament when all goes horribly wrong!

“Dumsor” is Real!

As time passes rather than getting used to “Dumsor” I get more nervous. My nervousness arises from or for 4 different reasons:

1. Inability to plan because blackouts are unscheduled, unplanned and without warning

2. The rising cost of surviving means that managing recurrent expenses and taking care of daily affairs has become extremely difficult. The monies used for the generator mean less for other important things.

3. The wear and tear on the generator is perhaps amidst the rest of my fears, the biggest. The cost of replacing or repairing generators is massive and knowing that generators like any and all machines have a limit on usage and life

4. I provide “free” power for a few neighbours including the local pharmacy who desperately need power for care… Today was my nightmare day … the machine broke down …. business stopped and alternatives had to be sought! There was no comfort in learning that Adom, The Guide et al have all suffered similar or worse fates!

All I can say to those people who cannot see any correlation between “Dumsor” and productivity is clearly that they have never had to work or been truly productive before … maybe they have simply benefitted from society and individuals and therefore simply do not get it! “DUMSOR” is real

AFRICA – Frustrations!

One cannot practise medicine or dentistry without having been certified. Indeed the same applies to all professional vocations. Without it the enthusiastic are condemned to the sidewalk where their clientele knowingly take risks whilst engaging them!

Surely the same must apply, albeit in a different way, to our politicians. I say different because not all areas may warrant a specialised knowledge or sensitivity. In those cases integrity and servitude coupled with selflessness and sensitivity in strength would be the least to be expected.

The problems and frustrations arise where and when we have un-dusted square pegs being forced into round holes!

This is 2015 … enough already!

Humility and Servitude?

I guess one of my major dilemmas is trying to reconcile why and how public servitude is lost on previously humble people who assume public office and adopt a stance of unacceptable arrogance and often stupidity .

Coming from the world of business and understanding that the buck stops with the prime shareholder there is natural intolerance for both incompetence as well as actions and behaviour which dent the image of the corporation. Not so it seems in African politics.

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