Humility and Servitude?

I guess one of my major dilemmas is trying to reconcile why and how public servitude is lost on previously humble people who assume public office and adopt a stance of unacceptable arrogance and often stupidity .

Coming from the world of business and understanding that the buck stops with the prime shareholder there is natural intolerance for both incompetence as well as actions and behaviour which dent the image of the corporation. Not so it seems in African politics.

The inability or unwillingness for the “centre” or “control” to manage those incapable of connecting with the pain of the people is perhaps the most serious indictment of politics in our country. Sadly incumbents refuse to learn from previous regimes who invariably are removed for their arrogant complacency!

With the only current option being a democracy which suggests enduring pain four years at a time we have to sit with levels of business, social and lifestyle difficulties stemming from a mismanagement (lack of planning and accountability) in our power sector which has worsened since the turn of the century. Without knowing why let alone when it will come to an end and costs reduced we have all had to find ways of managing (or not) peacefully.

When commentary is made by the irresponsible to the effect that dumsor has no real bearing on business or lifestyles and the centre chooses to be silent one can only wonder and be saddened.

What perhaps is most interesting is that it appears that each and every government has it’s share of non Ministers/Party leaders (undeserving and incompetent) who make it a point to distinguish themselves from the rest of society by taking positions and making comments exposing the fact that they have never been productive before and therefore have no grasp of the issues concerning the majority of Ghanaians.

I could go on … heard of an equally irresponsible commentary by the Minister on a sports network today. I am awaiting the tape and in the meantime i have to take a deep breath and remember why i rarely make political commentary on this medium.

Sometimes we have to dream a bit ….when I do…. I pray for the day when the status of high office comes with integrity, respect and servitude…. then maybe we can emerge from the ashes and be the global player we have the potential to be!

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