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Humility and Servitude?

I guess one of my major dilemmas is trying to reconcile why and how public servitude is lost on previously humble people who assume public office and adopt a stance of unacceptable arrogance and often stupidity .

Coming from the world of business and understanding that the buck stops with the prime shareholder there is natural intolerance for both incompetence as well as actions and behaviour which dent the image of the corporation. Not so it seems in African politics.

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Humility is another great hearing aid for helping us become open to guidance but sometimes we don’t hear because we have a process to go through. And sometimes it’s the process that creates the “humility to hear”.

This is why most people need to be broken in order for the messages to enter their awareness.
What does it mean to be broken? The ego is out of the way.

It is critical to show how to proactively bring ourselves to a place of humility, without needing the universe to do it for us.