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New Minister, New Hope…

When Honourable Mustapha was announced as the next Minister for Youth and Sports I quickly called him to congratulate him and wish him the best.
It has always been my policy to do so and offer support…. it is after all about Ghana first and foremost!
The presence of our new Minister for Youth and Sports, Honourable Mustapha Hamed at our Rugby finals was both significant and appreciated. His presence allowed me to have a positive and frank discussion about the relationship between the Ministry and Minority Sports and of course Rugby in particular.
The lack of cooperation between the sports bodies and minority sports both for funding and use of public infrastructure as well as false claims by the Ministry with respect of the yearly funding of 100,000 for minority sports were discussed.
Most significant was the position of the Minister. He is clearly taking a different approach from his predecessor. He was also realistic about finances and asked for time to properly assess matters with the view to returning to work with the minority bodies!

Vodafone trains senior staff to succeed using management principles from the Game of Rugby

Telecommunication giant Vodafone collaborated with the Ghana Rugby Football Union (GRFU) to organize a workshop on the application of principles and values from the Game of Rugby to drive success in corporate business.

The Rugby management model was developed by Mr. Herbert Mensah, a business mogul and current President of the GRFU.

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President of Ghana Rugby meets with IRB

The President of the Ghana Rugby Football Union, Mr. Herbert Mensah has met with officials of the International Rugby Board (IRB) in Dublin to discuss issues relating to the development of the game in Ghana.

Present at the meeting held at Huguenot House in Dublin were Mr. David Carrigy, Head of Development and International Relations; Mr. Morgan Buckley, General Manager Development; and Mr. Colum Lavery, Member Services Manager.

According to Mr. Herbert Mensah the primary objective of the meeting was to introduce himself on a personal level to the people in charge of rugby development internationally and to seek guidance on the priorities for the development of rugby in Ghana.

Mr. Carrigy congratulated Mr. Mensah and his Executive Members on their election as the people to grow the “Rugby Family” in Ghana and assured him that the IRB was fully behind the development programme and would assist and support Ghana Rugby to achieve its objectives.

Mr. Morgan Buckley explained the development priorities of the IRB and congratulated Ghana Rugby with its participation in its core development programme “Get Into Rugby”. The training and orientation for implementation of this programme was done in Accra early on this year.

The IRB Get Into Rugby programme is part of the IRB strategy to grow the game globally in partnership with member regions and unions. The programme is a central part of the IRB initiative to grow Rugby as it rejoins the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

It seeks to encourage players of all ages to Try, Play and Stay in Rugby. Get Into Rugby will promote the values of the Game and ensure children are encouraged to try Rugby in a safe and progressive environment.

Mr. Buckley further encouraged Ghana Rugby to evolve from Associate Membership to Full Membership of the IRB as soon as possible in order to also get access to further IRB Development Grant funding in addition to current support provided by the IRB.

The Ghana Rugby Association (GRA) operating as the Ghana Rugby Football Union (GRFU) was established in 2003 and forms part of the IRB’s African development region CAR (Confédération Africaine de Rugby).  In order to progress from Associate Member status to Full Member status Ghana Rugby needs to comply with certain IRB criteria.

Mr. Mensah emphasised that the Board of Ghana Rugby is in the process of assessing the state of rugby in Ghana in order to come up with a revised strategic development blueprint that will also ensure speedy compliance with the requirements of becoming  a Full Member of the IRB.

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