Ghana Rugby bodies meet to plan for rest of season

The Ghana Rugby Football Union (GRFU) Board, Club owners and the Ghana Rugby Players Association (GRUPA) convened over the weekend to discuss plans for the rest of the season and others matters arising.

According to the President of the GRFU, Mr. Herbert Mensah, Ghana Rugby is facing many challenges with the most daunting one the issue of development resources.

“The Rugby World Cup being played in the UK is in its early stages and we have watched some thrilling matches and some exciting upsets such as South Africa losing against Japan and England against Wales. Any and every Rugby player dreams to one day take part this illustrious tournament and Ghana’s vision must be to make that dream come true for our players,” Mr. Mensah said.

Only two African teams, South Africa and Namibia, take part in the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

Mr. Mensah also said that even though developing Rugby countries such as Ghana are locked in a development dilemma the dream and vision to overcome that dilemma and obstacles must always be bigger than the obstacles.

He continued to explain that the development dilemma is one of funding and resourcing.

“Once you reach the world stage money seems to come naturally. However, to reach that stage you need to invest enormously and in this development phase funding and resourcing is more difficult to find than finding hen’s teeth,” he said.

The GRFU is currently in the planning stages of both a 7s tournament and the 2015/16 Ghana Rugby Club Championship (GRCC) that promises to again provide exciting Rugby to the Rugby family in Ghana.

Mr. Mensah also said, “We have had positive feedback from some potential sponsors and we are hopeful that more corporate bodies will join in building the game of Rugby in Ghana. It is after all about youth development and of instilling the values of integrity, passion, teamwork, discipline and respect in our youth that will serve and guide them for the rest of their lives.”

Ghana Rugby

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