New Minister, New Hope…

When Honourable Mustapha was announced as the next Minister for Youth and Sports I quickly called him to congratulate him and wish him the best.
It has always been my policy to do so and offer support…. it is after all about Ghana first and foremost!
The presence of our new Minister for Youth and Sports, Honourable Mustapha Hamed at our Rugby finals was both significant and appreciated. His presence allowed me to have a positive and frank discussion about the relationship between the Ministry and Minority Sports and of course Rugby in particular.
The lack of cooperation between the sports bodies and minority sports both for funding and use of public infrastructure as well as false claims by the Ministry with respect of the yearly funding of 100,000 for minority sports were discussed.
Most significant was the position of the Minister. He is clearly taking a different approach from his predecessor. He was also realistic about finances and asked for time to properly assess matters with the view to returning to work with the minority bodies!

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