Most people can punch but can’t take a punch… they can gossip, hurt and sometimes destroy but cannot handle it when it is dished back to them… indeed many simply do not want to heed advise until they also experience the pain of having it done to them!

You allow judgment into your life every time you judge others.  To prevent this negativity coming to yourself, it’s best to stop dwelling on others’ darkness.  Instead, pay attention to their strengths and appreciate your own vulnerability.

It will help if you look at the positivity of others whilst appreciating your own fallibility. This way you will invite major blessings into your life.


  • jaigulabrai@yahoo.com

    Very true and sensible posting. I wish all my friends will see this and stop destroying our elder’s image
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  • Am a Nigerian whose enthusiastic emotions get aroused each time I see people like you Sir energizing the ability and agility in me towards the realization and actualization of real liberty in the African’s continent. Many have slept, the few ones awake should purportedly wake the snoring ones from their sleep this is because Africans owns the world, our freedom is germane to total development of the continent in all ramification. Peace and Unity are also two main rope extremes that should bind all Africans together in-locoparentis out of societal, political and background mumbo-jumbo. Sir, this is why have committed my self to develope my blog in sending and enlightening my the people about importance of been together in freedom. Sir, you can always visit it here’s the link http://www.centray6442.wordpress.com

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