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People and Positivity

Are there people whom as you think of either call or appear.

They are people whom the minute you speak of positively or negatively appear. They have the ability to disarm you with kindness when you are flat or thinking negatively and with radiance when when you think of them positively.

Everyone has matching spirits even if you have never met. Try and keep your light shining and look for positivity  in people where others only criticise and look for the negative.

Positivity creates Positivity

Not all illnesses can be cured with drugs. More often than not sharing love with an ailing friend can help make them well again.

Having someone who can take pressure away and make you smile and allow you to take a more positive perspective on problems and life can be worth more than medicine.

Today start moving with people who open up your minds making you receptive to the light. Remember positivity creates positivity!

Keep the Faith!

When you come across difficult situations, people or circumstances see them as situations NOT to react to. After all if you really want to improve and become a better person then it is imperative that you look carefully at how you react to these circumstances!

Although it is easier said than done try not to blame others rather try and see the positive and move with it.

I believe that positivity begets positivity, negativity begets negativity, darkness begets darkness and most importantly light begets light!

Stay blessed and keep the faith!


Most people can punch but can’t take a punch… they can gossip, hurt and sometimes destroy but cannot handle it when it is dished back to them… indeed many simply do not want to heed advise until they also experience the pain of having it done to them!

You allow judgment into your life every time you judge others.  To prevent this negativity coming to yourself, it’s best to stop dwelling on others’ darkness.  Instead, pay attention to their strengths and appreciate your own vulnerability.

It will help if you look at the positivity of others whilst appreciating your own fallibility. This way you will invite major blessings into your life.