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Real Leadership

It is not easy being a leader or  a genuine peace maker especially in long standing conflicts. Most people are timeously reactive and are not the ones who should hold positions of authority and influence!

They live by the Old Testament ethos of “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” because they never experienced the loss of life and property which comes with a centre-less and morally questionable society and which ultimately means that the conflicts will never end.

Long term conflicts ore born out of egos, power struggles and misunderstandings all fuelled via various conspiracy arrangements between major and lessor players. Many are not born to be of the centre and get there by destroying and betraying the centre.

Sadly it takes real leadership to recognise the difference between those now dead or deprived as a result of the conflict, the principles and factors which brought about the conflict and their role in bringing about peace.

True leaders like Mandela whilst holding power showed the educated elite who normally fuel crisis what it is to give up more in order to ensure peace for the majority and the greater good. He showed that it is not about simple or cheap rhetoric but about action which the world could see!

In these our times and in many countries not only Ghana, the centre is weak and yet the majority pray for peace!

My “Thoughts”

The problem most elderly public figures have lies in their lack of appreciation and understanding of the changes and implications of the various communication tools.

There was a time when many could do as they wished, when they wished but in many ways since World War 1 the world saw the conflict in real-time and judged accordingly.

Since that time technology has moved the world on many times faster and dare I say too fast for the many geriatric who run international associations and Third World Presidencies.

The need to think ahead and  plan appropriately transparent communication ahead of incidents rather than resorting to back up propaganda is the key which many seem not to understand let alone try to implement.

Catch up, in realms of public opinion and the lives of many, rarely works.

The changed world has also ensured that the people who matter the most, the silent majority, are no longer scared of mirrors, do not sell out for beads and are certainly not impressed by paid propagandists!

Interesting but so predictable times ahead …

We can see that things are going wrong and yet we either vilify those strong enough to speak out or silently watch others paid to attack those bold enough to take a stance and yet we know deep down as we sit in our quiet moments often in Churches, Mosques or Temples that we may face imminent greater societal dangers.

I am sure the Big Man wonders, even as he created us different from more basic creatures of habit, why we individually and collectively take paths which are almost guaranteed to bring about violence, misery and suffering.

Sadly we too often simply look at each other, wondering what the other is thinking, but we never say a thing as life gets more difficult and tense and ultimately these crimes between us grow deeper.

The time is coming for us to take a deep breath and stand up for what is right irrespective of the consequences!

Everyone Owes Us?

What a world we live in and what a time of our lives. Circumstances have diminished for many hope and trust in authority irrespective of source or origin and yet not only does life go but we must as a collective pull together for the present future.

“Entitlement and complaining are two clear-cut indicators that we are experiencing Bread of Shame. We’re being the effect. We’re waiting for someone else to fulfill us. We’re expecting the world, our politicians, our religious leaders, our parents, our employers, our teachers, our parents, our spouses to do it for us. We make “the other” the source of our fulfillment (and when they don’t live up to our expectations, we destroy them.) What is the consequence of entitlement? Unhappiness. Frustration. In truth, only we can be the source of our own happiness. We must be aware when we are in this state of consciousness. And we all fall into it – especially when we’re not balanced. The way out is taking more initiative and doing more.”

This in many ways simplifies things too much but i hope it still has some relevance