Everyone Owes Us?

What a world we live in and what a time of our lives. Circumstances have diminished for many hope and trust in authority irrespective of source or origin and yet not only does life go but we must as a collective pull together for the present future.

“Entitlement and complaining are two clear-cut indicators that we are experiencing Bread of Shame. We’re being the effect. We’re waiting for someone else to fulfill us. We’re expecting the world, our politicians, our religious leaders, our parents, our employers, our teachers, our parents, our spouses to do it for us. We make “the other” the source of our fulfillment (and when they don’t live up to our expectations, we destroy them.) What is the consequence of entitlement? Unhappiness. Frustration. In truth, only we can be the source of our own happiness. We must be aware when we are in this state of consciousness. And we all fall into it – especially when we’re not balanced. The way out is taking more initiative and doing more.”

This in many ways simplifies things too much but i hope it still has some relevance

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