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More Life lessons

In aspiring to reach and stay in the light we must recognise that darkness exists.

We must also recognise that both light and dark have biblical as well as real life implications.

We must not just enjoy the words we must live it both in goodness and in recognising evil!

Remember goodness and light do not exist in a vacuum…. protect yourself at all times!

Good begets good, light begets light… dark begets dark and evil begets evil!


Many people’s movement ┬áto the light is often done without planning or clarity and often does not stand the test of time. Indeed for many their movement is guided through tragedy, illness, debt and financial difficulty or bad relationships!
The problem arises when the desperation passes and the motivation decreases and so does their search for the light!

The best way to keep strength is to make it a lifestyle exercise which will enable you to not only seek the truth but to do unto others what is required to make the world a better place!

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