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Love Yourself!

There are times when you must stop, stand still, look around at the people in your life and then decide whether all that you give them (not necessarily monetarily) is being appreciated or worth it. We are created selfish and only tend to reciprocate when we care or are extremely well brought up.

If you are in doubt weigh your efforts not against what they give back but whether you are giving as much time to yourself as you give to them!

Learn to love yourself more and to allocate more or enough “Me” time to everything you do!

Life Lessons … Keep the Faith!

We must always do what we believe to be right and proper even if others do not do the same thing or live up to the same standards.

Some may go to public prayer groups in churches and mosques and yet do nothing to help a relative or stranger in need. Worse may be when you reach out and help a stranger in desperate need and yet their own wealthy family do nothing.

Rather than be dispirited remember that your loving kindness is part of your makeup and perhaps mission on earth so don’t be discouraged .. simply keep the faith!

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