International Rugby Tournaments Is A Ghana National Issue – Herbert Mensah

Mr Herbert Mensah, President of the Ghana Rugby Football Union (GRFU) briefed the Ghana Rugby Family on the upcoming Rugby Africa Bronze Cup scheduled for May 2018 and said that it was, in fact, more a Ghana flag flying event than just a Rugby event.

In a video message from his home in Accra Mensah said that the hosting of the Bronze Cup in Ghana against nations such as Lesotho, Mauritius and Rwanda is massive not only for Ghana Rugby but indeed for Ghana as a whole.

“The amounts involved are massive, and there are some parties who are up-and-standing and who are supporting the event. I thank them,” Mensah said.

Mensah has been critical in the past of the lack of support from the Ghana sporting bodies of their support to not only Ghana Rugby, but to all minority sports in general.

The amount needed to host the Bronze Cup in Ghana, an honour that was bestowed on Ghana for the second year in a row, runs into tens of thousands of dollars and Mensah appealed to all to come forward and help to make Ghanaians proud of one of their best performing national sports.

Ghana Rugby had a memorable year in 2017 when it managed to achieve the following exceptional accolades:

– Winning the Rugby Afrique Regional Challenge between Ghana, Benin and Togo in May 2017;

– Becoming Full Members of World Rugby on 10 May 2017 in a record time of fewer than three years;

– Achieving a ranking on the Rugby Afrique Men’s Sevens table for the first time in its history in Kampala in October 2017,

– Getting promoted to the Rugby Afrique Bronze Cup Division in November 2017, and

– Being awarded the hosting rights of the Rugby Africa Bronze Cup in May 2018.

Mensah’s briefing on the big event in Ghana’s sporting calendar can be viewed here:

About Ghana Rugby

Ghana Rugby is the official full member of both World Rugby and Rugby Afrique in Ghana-West Africa and is charged with the management and development of the game Rugby Union in the country.

Website:  Email:   Media Enquiries: +27 83 885 1660  


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