Herbert Mensah Presents Jersey To Kotoko Fan

Former chairman of Kumasi Asante Kotoko football club Mr Herbert Mensah has presented a Kotoko Jersey to a die-hard Asante Kotoko fan who was severely injured during the Atomic junction gas explosion in Accra and is currently on admission at the 37 Military Hospital.

The Presentation followed a visit and donation of products and cash to the victims of the gas explosion by Chinese companies Sunda international and Twyford, a gesture which was arranged by Mr Herbert Mensah. During that visit, a victim, Rockson Cort, identified himself as a Kotoko supporter whiles smiling on his sick bed upon seeing Mr Mensah.

‘’I am smiling because of you. I thought I would never see you physically. I am a Kotoko supporter for a long time. I thank God I have seen you today’’ Rockson Cort murmured from his sick bed.

Moved emotionally by the revelation from the Kotoko supporter on his sick bed, the former Kotoko chairman, returned to the 37 Military Hospital days later, to make a further donation of food and cash to the victims whiles presenting a special Kotoko jersey to Mr Rockson Cort who was severely burnt during the gas explosion.

Mensah is fondly remembered for filling the stadia with tens of thousands of people and bringing excitement to the local football league during his days as Chairman at Kotoko.

Presenting the jersey to the victim, Mr Herbert Mensah who is currently the President of Ghana Rugby Football Union said, ‘’You know I came here the other day, and you told me you are a Kotoko supporter.

You told me you didn’t know you will ever see me, so today I came back here with a jersey I wore to the stadium when I was Kotoko chairman. Today I am giving it to you.’’

Mr Rockson Cort was moved to tears mixed with excitement by the surprise gesture of Mr Mensah. He assured Mr Herbert Mensah that Kotoko would win this year’s MTN FA Cup.

Mr Herbert Mensah is a renowned global businessman and is known for his philanthropic, activities primarily with victims of disaster and the poor.

Mr Mensah is credited for spearheading and sponsoring the annual ‘May 9th Remembered’ charity activities that seek to remember and help families of victims of the 9 May 2001 Accra Stadium Disaster during which time he was chairman of Kotoko.

The stadium disaster claimed over 126 lives leaving behind several families from both Accra and Kumasi permanently devastated and needing support.

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