Herbert Mensah thanks supporters of May 9th Remembered 2016

Mr. Herbert Mensah, founder of ‘May 9th Remembered’, expressed his gratitude to all sponsors, organisers and participants that formed part of the 2016 May 9th Remembered programme with a full page announcement in the newspapers today.

In his message with the headline “We Remembered May 9th Again In 2016. – We dare not ever forget.” Mr. Mensah said, “For the past 15 years since 2001 a group of people and kind sponsors have refused to forget the tragedy of 9 May 2001 when 127 young football fans died in vain.

In 2016 we remembered again with meeting of families of the victims in both Accra and Kumasi, a ceremony at the May 9th statue in Accra, prayers at the Kumasi Mosque, a massive remembrance street walk in Kumasi and a May 9th Remembered Zongo Cup football tournament.

In a historic move we brought two family members of the 2001 Ellis Park stadium disaster in South Africa to Ghana to share their sorrows with those of the families in Ghana, and to go back to spread the message of ‘From Despair To Hope, We Love Life.’

May we always remember May 9th.

Herbert Mensah”

According to Mr. Mensah the May 9th Remembered initiative could not have reached the levels it did in 2016 without the selfless contributions and participations of so many people.

“It is an almost impossible task to name all sponsors, organisers and participants and thank them by name. By doing that we may leave out names and that will not do justice as every contribution, no matter how small, makes up the whole of what has been a memorable year of remembrance.’ he said.


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