Embracing Pain

When i go to the dentist i have my fillings and dental work done without injections and when i have had operations resulting from rugby injuries i always craved to be awake even though i was over ruled by Doctors.

I have witnessed childbirth without epidurals seen our mothers endure serious physical and psychological pain without complaint.

When i have gone through the pain of betrayal and misrepresentation i have been strengthened by the resilience of our mothers.

“Pain of any sort – physical, mental or emotional – is really a teacher.  It cannot touch us. It has only come to help us transform our being and consciousness.

From now on, don’t run from pain.  Ask to be shown the lesson it brings.  The restriction this takes gives you the energy of healing at the deepest and most profound levels of your life.”

I have learnt to embrace pain…… try it too!

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