There are some days when we all have to stop and take a long hard look at ourselves. We may have to realise that our dreams and plans are now impossible and that if we pursue them in the direction we are many people including ourselves may suffer. We may have to realise that we are not as young and sprightly as we once were and therefore we require more rest and relaxation if we are not to damage our health. We may have to realise that it is time to allow others the opportunity to blossom and that would not be possible unless we change or move aside. There are so many things which we will see if we look at our life reflection in the mirror of life!

The reason why there is no need to fear is that God will always provide an even greater opportunity if we are prepared to let go!

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  • How many times in a week we will savour to realise this truth? It is seen as a commonplace that does not deserve some minimal amount of time, if possible. Herbert, I want to see how you do this; I mean reflect. Is it regular? Or can be better?

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