Wise Words from a Wise Man…

My father always used to council me on new friendships and when someone came looking for help.

He used to say to me to me … “It is those people you help or introduce to a new way of life who will either betray you in a deadly way or simply malign you”.

Life circumstances make it difficult to trust anyone these days, but we are all fighting some sort of battle within…no one is without some sort of problem in their lives….that is such a difficult question to answer…I have helped many people and would like to hold someone’s hand who is in need of comfort and shake hands with friends or any new person I meet…but…how can you tell the difference between a true friend and an enemy….that’s an even harder question… Worse is even though i may may not be a quitter and do not bear grudges, others do which makes associations all the more deadly!

One comment

  • Yea….it’s hard to trust someone if we have been betrayed…..but we would be loosing a lot many persons who could have been our friends. We may be deceived, but we need to open ourselves up

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