Xfm 95.1 Interview on Restoration of House – Herbert Mensah

Herbert Mensah

Herbert Mensah’s interview with Xfm 95.1 on the issue of the restoration of the former First Lady’s mother’s house.


Gov’t Did Not Renovate Rawlings’ Mother’s House – Herbert Mensah

Friend of the Rawlings’ and former Kumasi Asante Kotoko boss says he and other friends of the former First Family financed the renovation of the mother of Mrs Rawlings’ house.

Mensah said it was unfortunate that people had chosen to be emotive about the matter, making allegations that cannot be substantiated, as government had made it clear it did not finance the renovation.

Speaking on XFM 95.1 last Thursday, Mensah said former President Rawlings had made it very clear that he did not want government to make any payments on temporary accommodation, preferring it to expend its resources on rebuilding the burnt residence at Ridge in Accra.

Responding to allegations by Nana Agyeman Prempeh of the Ghana Youth Movement GYM) that Mensah has taken money from government for the renovation, the latter said people should be careful of what they say, particularly with respect to accusations that some properties had been offered and declined by Mrs Agyeman-Rawlings.

Mensah said all decisions on the rebuilding or relocation of the Rawlings family were collectively taken by the former First Couple. He noted that though he had previously stated that government had made some payments on the renovation, he made it more in an accounting sense.

“As a matter of record we submitted invoices to government and thought that as a matter of the enthusiasm shown by government they will make refunds. But no payment was made. It was just accounting terminology. The government believe things should be done the right way that is why no monies were paid. President Rawlings also did not want state monies spent on him,” Mensah said.

The former Kotoko boss intimated that different options had been looked into, in terms of potential accommodation for the Rawlings’ but most of them were inappropriate for a number of reasons. He said President Mills and his government, particularly the Chief of Staff’s office were desirous that “we could find stopgap situations”.

Mensah disclosed that following the fire at the residence of the former President a lot of friends had made pledges to support the rebuilding of the house and the Chief of Staff had been accordingly informed.

Asked how much it had cost to refurbish Nana Konadu’s mother’s house Mensah said it was not anyone’s business as no refund had been made to him. “The three or four businessmen who enjoined with me have always made it clear they do not want their names to be mentioned.”

He said any state institution that goes into the matter would see the facts clear. “There is nothing wrong with a private citizen wanting to help.

“People understand there is due process in rebuilding that house and eventually the process will be concluded. We all wish the house had been completed. We wish it had not happened in the first place. I wish to thank the family for accommodating the process.”


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