In search of light

Africa has been described as the “Dark Continent.” The satellite picture above gives a visual reason for this – compared to Europe at night, Africa is indeed dark. This description however, goes well beyond just the supply and availability of power and electricity. It touches on various aspects that relate to those things that determine the well being of nations.

This blog will explore these contrasts, question current practices and policies and dig deep for solutions.


  • Finally, some one is willing to honestly discuss the problems facing Africa and come up with plausible solutions to the general malais gripping the continent.

    • Though i agree to what HM says about the lack of light on the continent at night, but lets be honest, if Europe was in Africa’s position, i’m certain whoever built the satlite would have positioned it in a way which will make it more visible at night no?

      Though I agree our continent appears flawed in many ways…..really who’s making is it?

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