Disaster victim families visited in Kumasi

Mr. Herbert Mensah has presented assorted food items and drinks worth ten million cedis to five separate families of the 2001 May 9 victims in a low key ceremony in Kumasi.

The former Director and Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) of Asante Kotoko made the presentation in consonance with his annual visits to the families since the disaster.

Though out of the country this year Mr. Mensah’s presentation to the families was done on his behalf by Alhaji Ali Maradona, a member of Asante Kotoko management team.

Deliverig a message on bahalf of Mr. Mensah, Maradona uged the families of the victims to be steadfast in their belief in their maker and be consolled that their late relatives lost their lives for a cause which has proved beneficial to the entire nation that has spured the Government to correct
the defects of the various staiums in general and the Accra Sports Stadium in particular.

All the families expressed their apprecition to the former Kotoko boss.

Maame Bisi who lost her husband to the disaster told the media that Mr. Mensah has been a wonderful personality to her and her four children since the disaster and prayed for God’s constant blessings for him.

“Mr Herbert has always shown an incredible concern for me and my kids since the disater and I will always pray for God”s blessings for him”, Miss Bisi stated.

Though all the families expressed their joy at the donations, their dissapointment at the Govrnment’s failure to compensate them was not lost on them.

Madam Yaa Saa who lost her daughter claimed though the goovrnment pledged to pay her 120,000 cedis a year the stress she usually goes through to be able to claim the money before being able to pay the son of her deceased daughter.

Angel FM, Kumasi

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