Communication, understanding and implementation!!

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 6.47.57 PMFROM THE BOARDROOM

Communication, understanding and implementation!!

Communication and Transparency

Most new organisations start with strong talk of openness and transparency. With time this sometimes changes to the detriment of the stakeholders. Our administration has always tried to maintain this. The establishment of the Kotoko Express as an official mouthpiece has been crucial to being able to maintain the openness we have preached. During last season we have gone to great lengths to publish the all-important “function statements” after matches (where available) and we have published are last audited accounts. The accurate information flow to all stakeholders is crucial if confidence is to be maintained and if planned programmes are to reach fruition.

I would now like to take the opportunity to start outlining our business plan in almost generic format so that those who do not already know will be better informed of the direction we are moving. This should be placed into context of the recent indications of where and how the management of the club is being developed! In order for the vision of the club to be realised it is important that both the management board of the Club and the soon to be incorporated working committees of the club are inaugurated! The formation of a board and the people running the board will therefore be able to be effective in the knowledge that the right structures and the right people are in place.

It is important that all the stakeholders do understand where we are going though and how it really works. A few naïve publications have tried to suggest negativity and incompetence and the need for the club to be saved from my management. If only clubs could be run without money and without plans and structures. Thankfully the majority of the Kotoko family know that the seeds being sown both off and on the field should ensure that our future successes are based on a solid foundation!

Information is knowledge

(Samuel Kwami Morttey) Togbe of Circle 6

I was privileged last Wednesday to have had a meeting with (Samuel Kwami Morttey) Togbe of Circle 6. He came to my offices to discuss the prospects of an attacking left footed youngster. In part of the discussion he mentioned that after Kotoko won the Champions trophy in both 1971 and 1983 we failed to visit the Volta region although we travelled to other regions. I assured him that this must have been an oversight! We shall be travelling to the Volta region during the second half of December and shall make amends by playing in some matches in the region. I have no doubts that Kotoko is an International/universal team. Our support base comes from all corners of the country and encompasses all religions, cultures and sexes. We are also probably the best known club in Africa.

The one question that (Samuel Kwami Morttey) Togbe did ask which I thought needed some clarification concerned the workings of management. He wanted to know why one man was holding the portfolio of finance and administration! I explained that the two complimented one another and that the Director responsible did not manage all aspects of both portfolios on a hands on basis. In the finance and Administration departments there were the following officers who operated on a daily hands on basis;

Marah Kemoh – Accountant
K. Boamah – Internal Audit
Prah Ameyaw – External Auditors
Eric Coffie – Administrative Officer (Kumasi)
Patrick Madjitey – Operations Manager

I gave an example concerning how salaries of the players were paid. The following steps and people were involved in the equation;

1. At the end of the month the schedule for salaries is raised.
2. Eric Coffie requests for a confirmation that the people and amounts for payment are accurate with the Team Manager, Alhaji Yaya.
3. The Team Manager gets the schedule signed off by Coach Middendorp (he may under terms of the players contracts choose to make deductions if the players have shown indiscipline (lateness or absenteeism from training without prior permission etc.).
4. Eric Coffie to Marah Kemoh who prepares documents to initiate payment then submits the amended schedule.
5. Marah Kemoh then submits to George Amoako who presents the final bank instructions for payment by SSB to players. It is at this point that I also look at the schedules before SSB is instructed.
6. The internal auditor will also look at our books on a regular basis.
7. ALL Kotoko players and employees are paid through SSB

The problem with structures is that some people and institutions simply give titles without them being effective. It is important that structures are mated to job requirements and effective and productive people! At Kotoko we are achieving this!

Outline of our Business Plan

Asante Kotoko F.C., established in 1935, is Ghana’s football club with the best track record in Ghana and indeed in Africa. The Club won the Ghana Club Championship league 18 times, and is the only club in Ghana who could ever bring the African Cup Of Champion Clubs to Ghana – in 1971 and again 1n 1983.

The Club is situated in Kumasi, the Capital of the Ashanti Region, with an estimated support base of more than of 8 million fans spread across Ghana and the world.

By February 1999 the Club not only failed to raise a team for the first National Championship League match, but also was stranded with enormous debt due to mismanagement of the Club. The King (the Asantehene Otumfuo Opoku Ware II) of the Asante Nation (Asanteman) disbanded the then Board of the Club, suspended the constitution and appointed a new management headed by myself. The present Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, reconfirmed this appointment in March of 1999 after the passing away of the Otumfuo Opoku Ware II in late February 1999.

Since February 1999 drastic measures have been taken en route to the destiny of Asante Kotoko F.C. – to once again become Ghana and African Champions.

This business plan outlines the Journey to Victory on which the Club has embarked, and the opportunities for corporate bodies to associate itself with this victory, and to reap the benefits of high brand awareness and patronage by the millions of fans of Asante Kotoko F.C.

The Vision for Asante Kotoko F.C.
Winning in football is not everything, it is the only thing. Recent studies by Delloite & Touche clearly indicate the direct correlation between the success of a club on the field and the success off the field.

Every activity of Asante Kotoko F.C. will be geared towards ensuring that the Club:

• Become Ghana League Champion within the next two years, and be the Champion consistently thereafter

• Become African Club Champion within the next three years, and be the Champion consistently thereafter

“We will be…”
Asante Kotoko F.C. is much more than just your ordinary club. It is an institution with roots that go back many, many years. The Club belongs to the Otumfuo and the Asanteman. Its crest is that of the Kingdom of Asante. Its motto, “Kum apem a, apem beba” stems from the traditional Asanteman war song:

“We know how to fight,
we don’t run away.
When you kill a thousand,
another thousand will come.”

Asante Kotoko F.C. will therefore become the Club that is:

• Most feared by its rivals

• Most loved by its fans

• Most respected by its associates

• Most profitable to its sponsors and investors

In line with the above, Asante Kotoko F.C. will assume a vibrant, dynamic, energetic and die-hard personality who will humbly rejoice in its victories, and courageously stand up from its losses.

The Kotoko Business
The Kotoko business in essence revolve around three things:

• A team winning when it counts most

• Fans and supporters who support with more than just their mouths

• Brands who profit through their association with the Club

A winning team
The most activities in 1999 and early 2000 were focused on acquiring a technical team that will be able to meet the demands of the Club.
Ernst Middendorp was appointed in April 2000 after a succession of coaches. Ernst has a proud record in German Bundeslega. In the 90s Ernst succeeded in taking both Bielifeld and Bochum into the German Bundeslega from the German Division one and two leagues. The management of Asante Kotoko F.C. has full confidence that he will be able to guide Asante Kotoko F.C. within the next two seasons to the top of the Ghanaian league.
Team for 2000/2001
Over many years of mismanagement Asante Kotoko F.C. has seen and experienced the loss of many high quality players. This trend was stopped in 1999. An aggressive short-term player acquisition program was embarked on as soon as the league season ended. Since October 1999 more than 12 new players were acquired, at a considerable cash investment to the Club. For 2001 management has committed funds for a few key players to cement the player requirement for the next three seasons!
Youth academy
In line with modern day thinking that the winning clubs of tomorrow will be those who can identify and develop the young players from within their own communities, Asante Kotoko F.C. has forged strong ties with the German Bundesliga teams. The association was primarily formed with the objective to develop one of the best youth academies on the African Continent.

The Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, sees this development as a very important link in his own vision to develop the Ashanti Region. To assist the Club, more than 15 hectare of land was made available to Asante Kotoko F.C. for the development of the academy that will consist of modern training, school and live-in facilities. The building of a world-class stadium on the same grounds is a vision that will be realised in the first decade of this millennium. Otumfuo Osei Tutu will be supporting part of our programme through his endowment fund!

Loving fans
Given a support base of more than 4 million, it is clear that a large part of the funding of the Club will always come from this source. The primary source in the past has been, and will in future be the support at match day events. Despite this, the Club has embarked on certain fund raising programs that will in future reap the benefits. With a support base of more than 4 million people spread across Ghana and indeed the world, the biggest challenge of Club is to reach out to those millions of fans.
Membership drive
A new membership scheme has been introduced to cater for the varying financial means of supporters. Five membership categories will be on offer:

• Corporate ¢1 million per month
• Gold ¢ 200,000 per month
• Silver ¢ 50,000 per month
• Yellow ¢ 20,000 per month
• Red ¢ 24,000 per year

The primary benefit to paid-up members will always be the benefit in knowing that they are making a contribution towards creating, and keeping, Asante Kotoko F.C. as the Champions. Other benefits such as preferential seating arrangements, discounts on goods and services and other benefits will be negotiated on a continuous basis for members.

This venture will also result in the creation of a valuable membership database that will be available to sponsors or corporate organisations targeting this lucrative market.
Organised support
Asante Kotoko F.C. boasts more than 50 organised supporter groups all over Ghana. In a recent development Kotoko fans from the USA headed by Billy Annan has embarked on an ambitious project to unite the Kotoko fans in America. Developments within Ghana is moving in a direction where supporter groups will form natural points of distribution for fans to keep in touch with developments of the Club, and to acquire memberships, merchandising and other value added services.

These groups also form a valuable platform for sponsors and other interested parties to organise and partake in special promotions.

Sponsorships and marketing opportunities
Sponsorships, if managed and planned correctly, have proven to outweigh traditional means and methods of marketing promotion by far. Sport, and football specifically, is the one activity in Ghana that not only unites the nation, but the one thing that absorbs the lives of the people. The passion and size of the Asante Kotoko F.C. support base has been proven time and again. It is a well publicised fact that Asante Kotoko is the only club in Ghana that is able to fill stadiums.

The Club is offering the following sponsorships and marketing opportunities.

• Asante Kotoko F.C. Sponsorship
• Secondary Club Sponsorships
• Kit Sponsorship
• Sponsorship of the Kotoko Academy
• Membership Program Sponsorship
• Sponsorship of the Distribution Network
• Primary sponsorship of the Kotoko raffle / Scratch card program

• Sport FM
• Asante Kotoko Express
• Kotoko Hotline

• Advertising and promotions in the Asante Kotoko Express
• Advertising and promotions on Sport FM
• Joint promotions via the Kotoko Hotline
• Advertising and joint promotions via
• Promotions via Kotoko Supporter Groups
• Advertising and promotions to Kotoko Members

These sponsorships and opportunities will be dealt with in greater detail on the following pages.

In principle the Club requires one major sponsor that is prepared to travel the journey to victory with it, and who will reap the benefits of great affinity with and increased sales to the huge Kotoko franchise. Match income together with the major sponsorship must ensure that the Club can cover annual running expenses in relative comfort. Additional needs of the Club will be financed via other projects and ventures.

Asante Kotoko F.C. Main Sponsorship

Sponsorship Cost
The cost for the main sponsorship of Asante Kotoko F.C. is:
• 2000 ¢1.2 billion ($300,000 per year, $25,000 per month)
• 2001 ¢800 million ($200,000 per year, $17,000 per month)
• 2003 ¢600 million ($150,000 per year, $12,500 per month)
… covering the following costs of the Club:

Salaries and winning bonuses
The projected salary bill for 2000 is $170,000
New player acquisition is a very important part of the winning recipe, and costs for 2000 is estimated at $172,500
Match and camping expenses
The amount for 2000 is estimated at $58,250
Rent and accommodation
The provision of accommodation to players is estimated at $25,000
Admin and other costs
Other costs are estimated at approximately $75,000
Total cost
Total cost as above $500,750
Less Match income ¢800,000,000
ABC Sponsorship ¢25,000,000 ¢ 825,000,000 $117,000
Deficit $383,750
Funded by Main Sponsorship $300,000
(and or Directors and sponsors)

For prospective sponsors, there are huge benefits to be obtained by being associated with Kumasi Asante Kotoko.

Sponsorship Benefits
The main sponsor will have the right of:

• Advertising and brand recognition on the front of all match, practice and other clothing and kit of the players, substitutes and technical bench staff.
• Advertising and brand recognition on the front of all replica kit.
• Club appearances at company functions.
• First right of refusal to participation in any of the other Club sponsorship or promotional programs.
• Advertising at the stadium, training grounds or Club House (unless specifically forbidden by the Sports Council).
• Advertising and branding on Club vehicles.
• Advertising and branding at Club functions and activities.
• Sponsorship mention on the front page of the Asante Kotoko Express, valued ($31,000) per year.
• Free mention on the Kotoko web site with a click-through banner to the sponsoring company’s web site.

Asante Kotoko F.C. Secondary Sponsorships
Secondary sponsorships are available in the form of brand recognition on the sleeves and pants of players.

Asante Kotoko F.C. Kit Sponsorship
The current sponsorship by Admiral is open for tender. Getting sponsorship for Ghana is not easy at all. The economic conditions in the country are such that the spending power for fans to purchase replica kit is somewhat limited. Kit manufacturers always take this into consideration! Although all our requirements may not be totally feasible we must always aim high and negotiate from there!!

(Ideal) Sponsorship Requirements
Asante Kotoko will be sporting two teams during the 2001 season, namely the Professional Team as well a select side. The sponsorship should provide for the following, per team:

• 30 warm-up suits (top and bottom)
• 5 sets of 18 home jersey sets (shirts, shorts & socks)
• 5 sets of 18 away jersey sets (shirts, shorts & socks)
• 2 sets of 18 special match jersey sets (shirts, shorts & socks)
• 3 sets of 7 technical team kits (jerseys, shorts & socks)
• 4 sets of goalkeeper’s jerseys
• 4 sets of goalkeepers gloves
• 30 shin guards
• 2 x 25 pairs of football boots
• 100 T-Shirts for players and coaches
• 50 sets of leisure wear ( Sport shirts, pants & slippers)
• 32 training bags
• 50 training balls
• 25 player and 5 official training kits (shirts, shorts, socks & windbreakers)

In addition to this the sponsor is required to provide winning bonuses as follows:

• A prize consisting of an overseas trip for two to the Sponsor’s Player of the Year, plus spending money.

• $15,000 for winning the Ghana Championship League and $25,000 for winning the African Club Championship


• $10,000 for winning the FA Cup and $20,000 for winning the Cup Winners Cup

The conditions of this sponsorship is open for discussion with interested parties.

Sponsorship Benefits
In addition to the prominent branding of the Sponsor’s logo/name on all merchandising, the sponsor will have the sole right to the manufacture and selling of all merchandising to Asante Kotoko F.C. supporters and fans internationally. The first batch of merchandising must be supplied to the Club on a 90 days credit basis.

Sponsorship of the Academy

Longer term development
The development and establishment of the Asante Kotoko Youth Academy and Sports Grounds will be one of the most exciting opportunities in terms of corporate involvement in the Ashanti Region, and for that matter Ghana.

Because of the immensity of the project, a detailed project proposal is currently under development by a project team. A prospectus on the needs and requirements for the development of the training grounds, school and hostel facilities and stadium will be made available in due course.

Year 2000 requirements
For 2000 the Club requires a sponsorship to cover the cost of player and technical staff salaries, as well as for match and camping costs. The total cost of this sponsorship for 2000 is $50,000 (for academy only)

Sponsorship benefits
The program will be co-branded with the sponsor, with a regular column in the Asante Kotoko Express. All publicity will refer to the sponsor, and the sponsor will have the right to brand exposure on the youth teams’ kit, as well as branding exposure at Academy events. In addition the sponsor may appoint a representative to attend the monthly Academy Review Sessions.

Sponsorship of the Membership Program

Sponsorship Requirements
The program will involve the identification and signing up of members on all five levels, namely Corporate, Gold, Silver, Yellow and Red members. During 2000 the focus will be on the establishment of the Gold (¢200,000 per month) and Silver (¢100,000 per month) Members. The sponsorship will involve the sponsorship of the cost and maintenance of the program.

The initial set-up cost of $10,000 plus a monthly amount of $1.25 per member will secure the benefits as outlined below.

Sponsorship Benefits
As major sponsor of the Membership Program the sponsoring company’s logo will appear on all membership cards. In addition the sponsoring company will get a mention in all communication addressed to members, which will include:

• Weekly membership benefit announcements in the Asante Kotoko Express;
• Mention in the quarterly personalised newsletters to Corporate, Gold and Silver Card Holders;
• Preferential access to the membership database.

Sponsorship of the Distribution Network
Over the next two years Asante Kotoko F.C. will be building up its own sales and distribution network in Ghana and via the Internet. The network will consist of over 50 Asante Kotoko F.C. Agencies or shops under supervision of the supporter groups or independent parties. The shops will be supplemented with satellite kiosks and roving sales people. These will be the central points where supporters all over the country can acquire information, memberships, merchandising and other value added services and products.

Sponsorship Required
The initial setup cost per Kotoko Agency will be approximately ¢5 million. As this will be a roll-out program, the project team will liaise closely with the sponsor on the roll-out, and sponsorship payouts will be made as and when plans for one agency is finalized. It is expected that the requirements of this sponsorship will be:

2000 12 Agencies Cost $1,250 per month
2001 36 Agencies Cost $3,750 per month
2002 48 Agencies Cost $5,000 per month
2003-2004 No sponsorship amount

At the end of 2002 the distribution network of 96 outlets will be established, and the sponsor will continue to get sponsorship benefits till the end of 2004, after which the agreement will be reviewed.

Sponsorship Benefits
The sponsor will have co-branding rights on all distribution outlets, as well as the right to merchandise its own products from the Kotoko distribution network.

Sponsorship of the Kotoko Lottery / Scratch Card Program
During 1999 the Collect, Scratch & Win Program was launched with mixed results. In general the program was received with great enthusiasm, but due to the lack of a national distribution network, the true potential could not be realised.

The re-launch of the program as approved lottery is currently under investigation, and the Club is looking for parties who want to become involved in the sponsorship and sales of the lottery.

Sport FM – A Unique Joint Venture Opportunity

There is no 24 hour sport radio station in Ghana. Radio stations in Ghana all have a very similar format with no differentiation or specialization to cater for the needs of niche markets. Sport is a passion of millions of Ghanaians, with football at the centre. There is a definite market need for a radio station that can satisfy the needs of the Ghana community to not only be kept up to date with local and international news on-the-field, but also about off-the-field and behind the scenes news and information.

The Target Audience and Geographical Coverage
Sport FM aim to satisfy the need for sporting information and news of the Ghanaian community. The profile of listeners will be people who would like to keep up to date with sport developments in Ghana, Africa and indeed the world.

The total potential listener base is estimated at more than 10 million people.

Program Content
Sport FM will always be guided by its listener base in terms of the content that it requires, but will in essence cover:

• All popular sport including soccer, boxing, athletics, polo, tennis and hockey
• Match previews, live broadcasts and reviews
• Sport forums and call in programs
• Interviews with sport personalities and administrators
• Sport development series
• Link-ups with international sport radio stations

Detailed program schedules are dependent on actual sporting events, and will be published two months in advance , every month.

Broadcasting Stations
Sport FM will broadcast from House F295/4, Okodan Road, Osu in Accra and from Bantama in Kumasi.

We are still awaiting approval from Government . We are hopeful that once the elections are over our application (which has been pending since 1999 will be granted).

Technology Employment
The technology that will be employed are:
Broadcasting masts and antennae
Broadcasting masts and antennae will be erected at the premises of the two broadcasting stations as described above.
Two 10kw transmitters will be used for transmission from Accra and Kumasi. Specifications of these transmitters are included as Addendum 1.
Broadcasting studios
The broadcasting studios in both Accra and Kumasi will be fitted with the latest technology for the FM Transmitter Room, On Air Studios and Production Studio.

Management and Human Resource Employment
The management and running of the station will be structured as follows:

Board of Directors
The management Board will be appointed by the major shareholders after incorporation of AEWA Inc. (Radio licence applied in this name)
A CEO with suitable experience will be appointed, and will be responsible and accountable to the Management Board, supported by a qualified Personal Assistant.
Programming Division
The Programming Division will be headed by an experienced executive within the industry, supported by:

Secretarial and Admin Assistant
Full time presenters
Correspondent presenters / news reporters

Marketing and Sales
The Marketing and Sales Division will be headed by an experienced executive within the industry, supported by:

• Aministrative Assistant
• Promotions unit responsible for the marketing of the stations
• Full time sales representatives and new business development executives

Technical Support
The Technical Support Division will be headed by an experienced executive within the industry, supported by technicians to ensure a 100 percent up-time.
Finance and Administration
The Finance and Administration Division will be headed by an experienced executive within the industry, supported by:

• Reception
• A human resources manager
• Accounts unit, including a creditor and debtor section
• Administrative and dispatch unit

Professional Services
The professional services section will be headed by the Director: Finance & Administration and will include:

• Legal Consultation
• Financial Consultation
• Marketing Consultation

Joint Venture Opportunity – Asante Kotoko Express

The official mouthpiece of the Club, the Asante Kotoko Express has been in existence since August 1999. Currently the newspaper is published twice a week with a circulation of 25,000 per issue. It is expected that the circulation will increase dramatically during the league season, and that the paper will be the paper with the biggest circulation in Ghana by 2001.

Joint Venture Opportunity – Kotoko Hotline

Asante Kotoko F.C. is committed to serve its estimated 5 million plus fans with a comprehensive information service about the well being of the Club. To this end the Asante Kotoko Express has been successfully introduced in 1999.

During 2001 the Club plans to introduce the Asante Kotoko Hotline, a call in information service.

The Asante Kotoko Hotline Service

• To supply Asante Kotoko F.C. fans and stakeholders with an additional way in which they can get information about the well being of the Club.
• To provide the Club with an additional source of revenue in the way of call income sharing with network providers, advertising and sponsorships.

Target market
The target market for the service is the estimated two million Asante Kotoko F.C. fans who have access to a phone.

The service
The service will consist of a an automated IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system (compatible with both analogue and digital technologies) backed up by live operators that will supply callers with information about the Club. The information will be recorded in English, Twi and Hausa. Callers will be presented with an option between different kinds of information, such as:

• Match previews, reviews and results
• Latest news
• Player profiles and welfare
• Membership information
• Other value added information

The service will initially be operated on an 16 hour operated assisted basis, with 8 hours purely automated information provision.

Any person from anywhere in the world will be able to access the Asante Kotoko Hotline via a telephone connection.

The cost to users will be normal air time rates that they pay for making a call from their network provider to the Kotoko Hotline Number.

The Asante Kotoko Hotline will be extensively promoted via:

• The Asante Kotoko Express
• The Asante Kotoko F.C. Supporter Groups
• Regional radio
• Match and other events
• Distribution of flyers
• Outdoor

Venture partners
Revenue share
All telephone network providers will be partners in the venture as they will receive additional revenue that would not have accrued to them if the Asante Kotoko Hotline had not been introduced. It is proposed that all telephone network providers agree to to pay the Asante Kotoko Hotline 80 percent of income derived from calls via their network to the Asante Kotoko Hotline.

Provision of telephone lines
One network provider is expected to supply the Asante Kotoko Hotline with an initial 32 incoming and 6 outgoing telephone lines, free of charge. In exchange for this all callers will be greeted with a promotional / sponsorship message from the network provider.
The Asante Kotoko Hotline will be implemented within 30 days from raising of the necessary capital.

Capital Requirements
The cost to set up the operation is approximately ¢176 million ($44,000), with monthly costs of ¢38.8 million ($9,700) and an estimated break even (income to expense) after three months. Annual net income is projected as follows:

Year 1 $22,192
Year 2 $86,500

Advertising and Promotional Opportunities
The strength of the Kotoko brand is in the size of its fan base. The main sponsorship by StarCall resulted in an 80% of growth within three months after the announcement of the sponsorship. Various opportunities exist for companies or brands to capitalise on this huge Kotoko franchise and to reap the benefits.

Asante Kotoko Express
Circulation of 25,000 twice a week, estimated to grow to 40,000 twice a week by the end of 2,001.

Advertising rates: ¢1.2 million for a Full Colour, Full Page Black & White
Special promotions and sponsorships can be negotiated.

Sport FM
The station will be operational once licence has been granted by Goverment

Rate cards: Will be made available at time of commencement.

Kotoko Hotline
Advertising messages will be available to reach the estimated two million or more potential callers.

Rate cards: Will be available once service is commissioned.
The Kotoko website is the main medium to reach the international Ghanaian fan community, and eventually the top end of the Ghanaian support base. Various opportunities exist for joint promotions and banner advertising.

Kotoko Supporter Groups
Asante Kotoko F.C. boasts an organised supporter base of more than 50 groups all over Ghana, with a USA group currently being set up. These groups meet regularly, and special promotions can be arranged.

Membership Promotions
As part of the Kotoko Membership benefits, special offers and discounts will be negotiated and offered to card carrying members via Sport FM, Asante Kotoko Express and the Kotoko Hotline. With a growing base of paid-up members, this is an ideal medium to create brand awareness and trial.

Fabulous Kumasi Asante Kotoko

Our great club is a viable entity. It is an institution bar none which cuts across the entire nation. It can and will only realise this potential with the support of all those who truly love the club. It needs every effort and contribution. It is time for us to ask what we can do for Kotoko and not what we can get out of Kotoko! For spomsors the benefits are obvious. For supporters we require your contributions. We will accept any amount from ¢100 upwards. Supporters must join circles and contribute to the cause. For those who wish to pay directly to Kotoko a special account has been opened at SSB.

The account details are as follows:

ACCOUNT NO. 213556045

Fabulous – simply the greatest there was, the greatest there is and the greatest there will ever be

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