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One of my greatest points of past and current sadness is the lack of opportunity and hope for many teenagers and young people… i constantly get asked to help out with jobs to the point of some desperation…

Surely the time has come for a national approach and consensus on this most real of problems. It is time not for what was done yesterday to be repeated but for a new kind of thinking and vision which would elevate Ghana to the point where our real growth was matched by real jobs and opportunities!

The Youth, Our Future

Herbert MensahThis is a thread of a discussion held with youth leaders in Ghana. Please continue the discussion here.

The Youth, Our Future

Herbert Mensah    June 1 at 3:04am  Reply

I have been asked to contribute to a speech on the above subject matter. Even though I have some clarity on how i would like to tackle this topic I would appreciate your input over the next day or two.
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