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I have just been visited by someone who has been living a parallel life to me over the past 10 years. I was not only surprised by how much he knew of me but also outlined situations where he was present when others planned to and plotted my downfall in business and soccer!

As the various names and faces went through my mind the person who had spoken with me saw that i was disturbed and quickly reminded me of something i had earlier read to him.

“If I could only love the most evil person in the world as much as the Creator loves the most wicked of us”….

Yes it is easier to preach and the real challenge is to practise what we preach!

No matter what, for all of the good reasons not to be kind to people, we still need to remember that everyone has the Light inside of them. It may be more covered in some than in others, but it’s there.

Leave the settlement of issues to God. At the appropriate time he will judge …….