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Life Lessons … Keep the Faith!

We must always do what we believe to be right and proper even if others do not do the same thing or live up to the same standards.

Some may go to public prayer groups in churches and mosques and yet do nothing to help a relative or stranger in need. Worse may be when you reach out and help a stranger in desperate need and yet their own wealthy family do nothing.

Rather than be dispirited remember that your loving kindness is part of your makeup and perhaps mission on earth so don’t be discouraged .. simply keep the faith!

Keep the Faith!

When you come across difficult situations, people or circumstances see them as situations NOT to react to. After all if you really want to improve and become a better person then it is imperative that you look carefully at how you react to these circumstances!

Although it is easier said than done try not to blame others rather try and see the positive and move with it.

I believe that positivity begets positivity, negativity begets negativity, darkness begets darkness and most importantly light begets light!

Stay blessed and keep the faith!