President John Evans Atta Mills (21 July 1944 – 24 July 2012)

There are moments in time when people must remember not only where they were but also join with others in remembering who we are.

Death has a cultural poignancy which transcends the occasion. As Ghanaians both the mourning and the celebration of death, although differing depending on tribe, takes a new position depending on the stature of the person departed.

President Mills has now departed and people must remember his stature and give him and his family the respect he and and his seat as President demand.

The BBC has announced that President Mills died after a bout of throat cancer. The Castle yesterday confirmed his passing. We must now, irrespective of political background and irrespective of our individual feelings toward The departed President, respect him and his family as well as ourselves at this moment!

I believe that the President Mills i once knew would hope that at this moment, more than at any other, Ghanaians will come together peacefully and with dignity.

Let us respect his views on life and death with peace and unity now!

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