Life Choices!

Q –  i think boss, you have been near perfect as per the 1st sentence especially during your latter days at kotoko!!! how do you do it, sir?
A –

More often than not empty barrels tend to make the most noise Emmanuel and many (not all) who go on the airwaves fall into this category. Our over or excessive use of so called experts and less than objective pundits backed up by serial callers and other paid drones not to analyse contributions made by others but to denigrate and destroy has become the socio political way/norm of 21st century Ghana. The reality is that Ghanaians are actually very intelligent beings and tend to keep their thoughts to themselves which is why their predictions in terms of elections are invariably wrong and in my case did not ultimately affect my relationship with the majority of supporters. I rarely ever read papers and do not listen to radio stations. It enables me to stay focused on whatever the task ahead is. I operate with an objective media filtration system and have a research and monitoring set up which gives clarity on the opinion and thoughts of the general public. Cheap shots … why respond … i will only make someone infamous …. famous

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