Love is best measured by what it does and not only what is said.
2. Anyone is capable of anything, but it doesn’t need to be accepted or tolerated.
3. Pain is temporary, but it doesn’t need to consume one’s mind.
4. The quickest way to get over a lover is to find another.
5. Cheaters are inclined to repeat until they face romantic defeat.
6. More than one soulmate is possible and probable.
7. It is important to love yourself more than anything else.
8. Pride should not be set aside to chase a lover that wishes to hide.
9. A strong mind is worth more than any lover you can find.
10. A lover should always convince you why they are worthy of your love.
11. Hoping for change can simply prolong the pain without realizing any gain.
12. A lover does not need to necessarily need to know how deep the pain can go.
13. Desperation never fixes unrequited love or infatuation.
14. Self-respect is a boundary we should all strive to protect.
15. We are all deserving of a love that is real, constant, unconditional and true.
16. Never fear requiring truth or asking for proof.
17. Never doubt your own worth.
18. The beauty of sex is that it has no limits or context, but we can all have and deserve what we expect. There is no good reason to settle for less.
19. Your body is solely your own, so don’t give it freely to anyone who isn’t worthy.
20. Focus on other things besides a lover who you may be sharing with another.
21. If you can’t completely love yourself, then do not expect it of anyone else.
22. A lover will do what is believed to be acceptable to you. They can’t stay if you decide to walk away.
23. Don’t be afraid to move on when all faith, hope and truth is gone.
24. Fear of rejection does not lead us to a relationship worthy of protection.
25. Mending a broken heart is difficult if it is continuously torn apart.
26. If a lover can completely control your will, then a relationship will not likely find a way to allow heartache and pain to heal.
27. There is nothing wrong with a background check, as falling in love doesn’t need to be foolish just because there’s a feeling of connection.
28. Keep your best interests in mind when deciding someone is worthy of your time.
29. Love can be misunderstood and still remain good. But, it cannot remain at its best if it’s a constant and trying test.
30. A good love has minimal strife and helps you to live a good life.

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