Leadership in Ghana

Herbert Mensah

The following discussion was recently held with Herbert Mensah by a concerned youth in Ghana on the issue of leadership.

  Member of Electorate Not long ago you indicated that the Rawlingses’ will not depart from the NDC should Nana Konadu fail to dethrone President Mills at congress. FONKAR issued a release threatening the Executives of the NDC that they will break away from the party if it fails to adhere to and address the concerns raised by them! Don’t you think its still possible judging from the FONKAR press release?

Herbert Mensah I have not been in the country for a while and I am not a part of Fonkar. I have been traveling with the Founder and can only speak for him. I do know that GAME are employing some despicable tactics which may help them in their battle with Nana but is exposing them to the NPP and will cost the NDC come 2012. I am sorry I have been out of town. I think the best recourse for all parties who are not getting the appropriate redress to threaten to take the executive to court. Clearly there are major injustices taking place which must be addressed. GAME are determined to win at all cost and their actions make a mockery of the democratic process and sets a bad example for our fledgling democracy. This contest should have exemplified democracy in a global sense instead it is deteriorating into Ghanaian politics as usual!

Member of Electorate It is quite disheartening to see people selling their conscience for the purposes of amassing wealth…a lesson which should have been drawn from the principles of June 4th… the very people who hailed the Founder now turn against him because of their parochial interests and are now calling on him to behave like Ex-Prez. Kuffour forgetting that their dispositions and behaviours vary. They forget that, one is cold and wild whilst the other is warm and soft. Therefore the question, how can the two Ex-Presidents behave the same? It is my wish the cadres heed to the Founders advise by driving out the Pharasees from the party. And may the Lord, our God who protects his servants in times of danger protect you from the wicked hands of the devil! May God richly bless you.

Herbert Mensah Thank you for your points. I think the future of the NDC will be decided at Sunyani …..whether it gets stronger or whether it falls to pieces….

Member of Electorate We just have to keep our fingers crossed and see what comes out from the congress!

Herbert Mensah True .. the problem is that there are no signs from the Mills/GAME side of a willingness or preparedness to negotiate at any point and unless they win by 90% they will HAVE to negotiate with Nana’s team if they are to stand any chance of winning the next election.

Member of Electorate From GAME perspective they will not and are not willing to negotiate with Nana’s team should Mills wins. For them, if Mills wins, they have;

1) accomplished their dreams by retiring the Rawlingses from the party since it is not a dynasty,

2) shown to the electorate and the world at large that, the Rawlingses no longer have control and influence over the party and

3) will do anything within their means of ensuring that any aspirant who followed and campaign vigorously for Nana will not be given the nod to represent the party come 2012…because new King, new Law! To me Suyani’s congress will determine Ndc’s progress?

Herbert Mensah You are Interestingly well informed although I think that position is somewhat myopic. I think if those or these are the present future premise of the GAME/Mills agenda then it can only be short lived. I do not believe that anyone from the “Rawlingses” see this issue and others which have preceded this as an issue of dynasty or a struggle for power and therefore July 8th was always and will only be a date on the calendar. The Rawlingses for over 30 years have fought and carried these same people not based on love, dynasty etc but based on principle and it is the same principle which they stand for today for better or for worse.

For any true politician to believe that there is a finishing line to any event is naive … and if politics is a game of numbers then either party within a party structure who does not understand the need to disagree…… battle …. makeup and fight to conquer together then they create their own destiny which may not be where they want…… Fascinating times 2012 … this time July ’11 is only the Hors d’oeuvres…

Current independent opinion polls are very clear and it does not look good for the NDC ….. next year’s message in a fragmented party will be even more interesting…….

The same applies for Mrs. Rawlings if she wins …

Member of Electorate What do you rate NDC chances of winning 2012 elections under Pastor Mills as flagbearer as compared to the Founders wife Mrs Konadu Agyemang Rawlings?

Herbert Mensah In many ways the current situation is sad but at the same time offers a unique opportunity for the NDC. Sad because this contest was not only predicated by low national approval ratings for Pastor Mills (as you refer to him as) and a wavering confidence in the NDC but also because the tactics used primarily by GAME and their assigns has been such that the NPP have a clear insight into the political thinking of the Pastor and his Generals.

In their desperation they have sought to discredit the one factor which the general electorate has accepted as truly kosher and that is the Founder. In attempting to misquote and discredit him on matters of investigating recent past economic crimes, the Ya Na etc they fail to realise that they are telling the electorate that they lied in 2008 whilst campaigning and therefore have little to nothing to tell the electorate come 2012.

Significantly we must appreciate the extreme venom which is being used in this campaign and the long term irreparable consequences of this.

The fact is the current Pastoral Presidency had a chance to show real leadership ala Obama and manage the Rawlingses from the onset. To date he has failed which is why we have a leadership contest and if in the context of the current accusations of electoral fraud, intimidation and financial manipulation it is doubtful whether the qualities the President lacked beforehand with respect of being able to keep a united party united will suddenly appear.

Clearly President Mills’ advisers believe that going for broke is the way to go and that the Rawlingses are not required for a NDC victory in 2012 or in the future. Sadly the culture of ingratitude and disrespect for history and achievement in the party is frowned upon by the nation at large but such has been the arrogance of acquisition power that the current government have fallen into the same malaise as their NPP predecessors and now presume by their actions to believe their tenure to be for infinity!

Mrs Rawlings on the other hand brings a number of qualities in this particular contest which are exclusive to herself.

1. She has managed her campaign Presidentially taking care not to damage the NDC’s chances for 2012

2. The Rawlingses may not control the delegates but they hold a much greater influence over the national electorate

3. Mrs. Rawlings and the “women” have always been the organisers and activists at previous elections and they would rally behind her if she were the flag bearer.

4. The youth have rallied behind her call

5. The disenfranchised and ignored see a new hope in her

6. She does not suffer from the lack of indecision that is associated with the “slow but sure?” Pastor

7. She has the capacity to bring in the Ashanti vote which is something neither Nana Akuffo Addo can be sure of and the Pastor cannot do

8. The contest has exposed the ingrates close to the Pastor who no doubt would have little to no roles to play in a Mrs. Rawlings government .

I think that Nana is the best bet for the NDC….

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