The wave of change is inevitable.

Wave of changeWe are a people who crave peace (rightly so) and are often in denial about the extent and tolerance of suffering. I pray for peace but I sometimes seriously wonder when the arrogance of power will be exchanged for the servitude that we deserve from those in public office.

This is not an NPP/NDC statement but one that appears to affect virtually all those in power.

The economic reality of those who do not have mated with shows of extravagance from the newly political in the democratic dispensation provides the basis for potential social unease and possible chaos. I pray not!

What I do know is that economic data in the life context of people poverty does not sustain incumbency… no matter whether multiple stadia are built, whether we have Oil or whether inflation has been reduced to 9%.

The fantasy of facebook and social media may give an opinion but when it matters … it does not represent the heart and soul of the people…

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