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May 9 – A time to mourn and a time to build up

Herbert MensahLast year on May 9th, 126 people died at the Accra Sports stadium. It was an event of tremendous shock for individuals, families, the nation and the footballing world; a day which will forever be etched in my mind. My values and my goals have changed since that tragic day. It is a day which touched the entire nation of Ghana and which the families of the deceased will never forget. We have had all our own particular views on the event and what could have been done to prevent the incident; but we can never hope to understand a tragedy so great and unnecessary as that one was.

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Herbert Mensah on the May 9th stadium disaster

Herbert MensahWednesday May 9th 2001

Images of people jumping from great heights to escape the tear gas, the confusion and the stampede, the injured and the dead, the club colours draped on the dead, the living and the hope. The hope came from one supporter alive but injured at the Military hospital. As I visited the wounded he called out to me and told me not to worry…he told me that but for the officiating things would have been different. He was concerned about the club and not his terrible injuries. He wanted to get out so that he could watch our next match. He believed the development and direction was right. I was astounded and could only keep my quiet!

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