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One of the saddest things is to see an innocent/naive person full of life and trust fall in love, fall out of love and then develop a cynicism which goes with mistrusting everything and everyone!

Love Yourself!

There are times when you must stop, stand still, look around at the people in your life and then decide whether all that you give them (not necessarily monetarily) is being appreciated or worth it. We are created selfish and only tend to reciprocate when we care or are extremely well brought up.

If you are in doubt weigh your efforts not against what they give back but whether you are giving as much time to yourself as you give to them!

Learn to love yourself more and to allocate more or enough “Me” time to everything you do!


There can be no greater or purer love than that of a child for a parent. It must not be taken for granted and when lines are crossed it is the parent who must see the bigger picture rather than simply waiting for his/her child to be the one who asks for forgiveness!

Remember a person who does not have the love of his/her child has a hole in their life which cannot be filled by any other!

The purest love is that of your child. Treasure and respect it and never take it for granted!

Appreciate that times have changed and children are not only opinionated but they learn from what you do rather than what you say!


Relationships can only survive the turbulence of insecurity and misunderstandings which naturally occur if we are prepared to communicate at all times.

If the underlying basis of the relationship is trust based on shared ideals and a sense of integrity then we must nurture it by communicating at all and especially the most difficult of times.

Remember to communicate directly without the interference of outside parties many of whom have their own interest!


Speaking to a young couple yesterday the obvious was revealed to me and that was that

Love is more than a game for two and that when two people transform their inner nature from receiving into sharing, they give life and indeed themselves a chance. If we are all able to do this imagine what kind of world we would live in!

If we can set aside ego maybe we can remember this next time we are in conflict with a loved one and maybe we can prevent all the negativity too!

Positivity creates Positivity

Not all illnesses can be cured with drugs. More often than not sharing love with an ailing friend can help make them well again.

Having someone who can take pressure away and make you smile and allow you to take a more positive perspective on problems and life can be worth more than medicine.

Today start moving with people who open up your minds making you receptive to the light. Remember positivity creates positivity!