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More Life lessons

In aspiring to reach and stay in the light we must recognise that darkness exists.

We must also recognise that both light and dark have biblical as well as real life implications.

We must not just enjoy the words we must live it both in goodness and in recognising evil!

Remember goodness and light do not exist in a vacuum…. protect yourself at all times!

Good begets good, light begets light… dark begets dark and evil begets evil!

More LIFE Lessons!

Ever get worried about the pull him down mentality or feeling let down by people you once trusted?

Well it is easy for this kind of thinking to weigh down on you persuading you to be even more careful in order to avoid the risk of getting hurt. Of course we don’t want to be reckless, but we can’t change unless we take risks.

Perhaps we need to thicken our skin, toughen our resolve and see life as a major adventure. Yes we need to bring about change and the greater good is invariably better and more important than playing it safe.

Try to remember “don’t worry about your haters; most of them will only get a taste of success when they take a bite out of you!”

Life’s Ups and Downs!

The difference between a child learning by getting up after each fall and an adult who does the same is that an adult generally falls less physically but more mentally and emotionally.

Adults must take these slip ups, falls and hurt as life’s challenges, believe in the light and simply learn from each failure. The pain from each fall is temporary and prepares us for life’s bigger challenges.

Always remember that the mind is stronger than the body!