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Ghana and World Rugby join hands to educate Educators

Three World Rugby Trainers under leadership of Mr Denver Wannies (South Africa) with Mr Johnbosco Muamba (Kenya) and Dr Ben Mahinda embarked on a historic mission in Ghana to start training local candidates to also become Trainers.

According to Ghana Rugby (www.Ghana.Rugby) President and Board Chairman, Mr Herbert Mensah, the occasion was momentous as it will liberate the Union from the need to wait for the availability of Rugby Africa Trainers to undertake Level 1 training of coaches in Ghana.

“Given the ambitious drive to penetrate schools with the World Rugby “Get Into Rugby” (GIR) youth education programme and plans for the expansion of rugby to new Regions in Ghana our need for GIR Courses and Level 1 Coaching courses is huge. This need can only be met if we can become independent from scarce Rugby Africa Trainers who are inundated with requests for training from more than 30 other African nations,” Mensah said.

Wannies, a World Rugby Master Trainer that is part of an elite squad of only seven other similarly qualified Trainers, came to Ghana to qualify a number of Level 2 Rugby Coaches, another first for Ghana Rugby.

His mission to Ghana also included the identification of potential candidates that may be developed into World Rugby Educators. Three such candidates were selected that includes Head Coach of Ghana Rugby, Mr Lovemore ‘Dallas’ Kuzorera, Mr Clement Dennis who is the Technical Director of the CentWest Rugby Association and Ms Rafatu Inusah, Board Member and Women’s Representative.

Another area of need in Ghana, match officiating, was covered by Muamba who undertook two Level 1 Match Officiating courses as well as a new injury prevention course, Activate.

Dr Mahinda was part of the squad and undertook three “First Aid In Rugby” (FAIR) courses.

According to Wannies the mission to Ghana was highly productive. In a TV interview ( Wannies said that with a little investment, including training, Ghana Rugby has the potential to compete effectively with the big names in Africa such as Namibia, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Uganda.

Muamba said ( that, especially for a fast developing country such as Ghana, it is essential to keep developing and training coaches, match officials and medically qualified personnel.

“The Level 1 officiating went well. I was happy to incorporate the Activate programme to the course which challenged participants’ knowledge about exercises and injury prevention,” Muamba said.

Dr Ben Mahinda said ( that he has a long-standing admiration for Ghana as a country and that coming here was kind of a dream for him.

“Rugby is a contact sport and it is logical that there may be some injuries. Rugby Africa has invested in resources to support unions such as Ghana Rugby to make sure that player welfare is always part and parcel of coaches’ and referees’ arsenal of skills,” Mahinda said.

Mensah showed Ghana Rugby’s appreciation for the valuable work done by the Educators and Trainers by presenting each one of them with a original Ghana Eagles jersey.

Wannies will be back in Ghana on the 4th of March when he will join Mr Steph Nel, World Rugby Services Manager for Africa, and Mr Charles Yapo, Rugby Africa Development Manager for West Africa on a visit to review Ghana Rugby’s development strategy.

Wannies will not form part of the evaluation process but will rather focus on the next phase of the process to qualify the three identified Educator candidates.

Ghana Rugby National Ladies Show Solidarity With Black Queens

16 Sep 2019, Accra-Ghana. 

Members of the Ghana Rugby national women’s sevens team, the Ghana Eagles, reached out to Ghana’s national football team, the Black Queens, to show solidarity with them in their quest to qualify for the 2020 Olympics in Japan.

Both Ghana’s national women’s teams of the two largest team sports in the world, football and rugby, will be chasing the Olympics Dream during September and October of 2019.

The Ghana Rugby Women’s Sevens Eagles will take on eleven of Africa’s top women’s teams on 12 and 13 October 2019 in Tunisia for a chance to qualify.

The national women’s football team, the Black Queens, will be facing Kenya on 30 September 2019 and again on 4 October 2019 in Leg 1 and 2 of the CAF Olympics Qualifying Tournament.

Both the national teams of Ghana are preparing to fly the flag of Ghana high with apparently no or very little support from the government of Ghana.

The Ghana Rugby Ladies decided to muster whatever little support they could lay their hands on and to present it to the Black Queens with a message of solidarity and good luck wishes.

The GOC, represented by its President Mr Ben Nunoo Mensah and Board Member Mr  Herbert Mensah, and the Ghana Rugby Ladies presented a variety of products and an undisclosed amount of money to the Black Queens on Monday 16 September 2019 in the presence of the President of the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC), Mr Ben Nunoo Mensah, and GOC Board Member Mr Herbert Mensah who is also the President of Ghana Rugby.

In her message to the Black Queens Rafatu Inusah, Ghana Rugby Board Member and Women’s Representative, said, “When I heard about the challenges the Black Queens are facing, we decided to show our concern and solidarity by donating part of our stipend allowance and products from our sponsors, Sunda International and Gino, to them. Ghana Rugby does not entertain gender inequalities and we are saddened by the current situation in Ghana sports.”

Mensah said that he was highly touched by the gesture of the Ghana Rugby Ladies but reminded those present that they, the Ghana Women’s Eagles, were also preparing for an Olympics Qualifier.

“Since Ghana Rugby started with serious structuring of the sport in 2014 it has not received any support from the government even though it has been flying Ghana’s flag high on the international stage,” Mensah said. 

The products presented by the Ghana Rugby Women’s Eagles were kindly sponsored by Sunda International and Conserveria Africana Ltd through its Gino brands, two corporate bodies that have been supporting Ghana Rugby for quite some time.

“In light of the plight of our national ladies teams the support from both Sunda and Gino is once again highly appreciated and valued,” Mensah said.

About Ghana Rugby

Ghana Rugby is the official full member of both World Rugby (2017) and Rugby Africa in Ghana-West Africa and is responsible for the management and development of the Game Rugby Union in the country. The Union is governed by a Constitution and administers five KPAs (Key Performance Areas) namely: (1) Youth Development & Growth through the World Rugby “Get Into Rugby” Programme, (2) Women in Ghana Rugby, (3) Training & Education, (4) Domestic Competitions and (5) International Performance.

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Former GJA President lauds Herbert Mensah for contribution

Former President of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA), Kabral Blay-Amihere has praised Ghanaian businessman and philanthropist Herbert Mensah for his foresight and contribution to the growth and development of journalism in Ghana.

Mr Kabral Blay Amihere who also served as Ghana’s High Commissioner to Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone between 2001-2009 said it was sponsorship from private businessmen in Ghana like Herbert Mensah in the early ’90s which helped propel independent journalism in Ghana through its best journalist award scheme.

He was speaking during the Ghana Journalists Association’s commemoration of its 70th anniversary on Thursday, August 15, 2019, at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra.

”The GJA has come a long way. When I joined the GJA in the 80’s it was dangerous to be a journalist in Ghana. Before I became President of the GJA in 1993, the government had completely hijacked the GJA and it’s best journalist award scheme” the former GJA President revealed.

”The government at the time selected their favourite journalists for awards. We had no offices and no private support”.

Kabral Blay-Amihere recollected the timely intervention of private individuals who came along to sponsor the GJA and help it to grow independently.

”I have to acknowledge and thank Herbert Mensah without whose support and sponsorship we couldn’t have freed ourselves from government control in those days. We also had support from Sam Jonah and Amakye Dede in those early days. We thank them for their support when we needed it most to develop and grow journalism in Ghana.”

He also praised President J.A Kufuor for providing the International Press Centre to the GJA.

The commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the GJA also involved the cutting of anniversary cake and reflections on the history and relevance of the GJA by some distinguished personalities including Prof. H. Kwasi Prempeh, head of the Ghana Centre for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana), as Guest Speaker.

Other key speakers at the event also included Dr G.T. Anim, the first Ghanaian General Manager of the Ghana News Agency (GNA).

Source: Ghana Broadcasting Corporation Online

Herbert Mensah Praises Sponsors Ahead of Three Nation Rugby Competition

July 24 2019, Accra, Ghana.  The President of the Ghana Rugby Football Union (GRFU), Herbert Mensah, has singled out sponsors of Ghana Rugby competitions ahead of a three-nation West Africa rugby tournament for praise.

The three-nation rugby tournament will take place at the Nduom Stadium in Elmina, Central Region, between Ghana, Nigeria and Ivory Coast. This is part of a new rugby game format spearheaded by World Rugby.

In a video broadcast ( ahead of the tournament, Mensah said, ”You’ve heard me say it many many times that sport is big business. And we indulge in a game of rugby that requires massive amounts of money invested for development, for training, for medicare, for feeding and nutrition, for branding, for our very presence.”
He added, ”We at Ghana Rugby, even without state support, have managed to maintain a reasonably special relationship with sponsors. It is something we’ve cultivated over the period”.

Why Competition 

Herbert Mensah explained the importance of competitions in attracting sponsorship to the game and the need for constant competitions for Ghana Rugby to be able to aspire to participate in international rugby tournaments and Olympic Games.

”Without competition, rugby in Ghana or anywhere cannot attract sponsorships to sustain the World Rugby standards of the game”. 

He continued,  ”And without the sponsorship, we cannot have competitions. So as we embark on this tournament with Ivory Coast and Nigeria I will like to reach out and thank our special sponsors who are making it possible”.

Thanking Sponsors

He named the Pan African Equipment Group, Interplast, GB brand of Gino food products, Sunda International and KEDA Ceramics as well as Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom, owner of the Nduom private sports stadium who all make it possible through their various sponsorship packages for Ghana rugby to participate in these tournaments and aspire to the Olympics.

 The Ghana Rugby President encouraged other private companies in Ghana to join the sponsoring group to develop the Game of Rugby in Ghana.

Ghana is going backwards…

Ghana is going backwards because we have no succession plans in many aspects of life and because we are stuck in the past (like England and 1966).

Once in power (sports/politics) we assume an uncalled for arrogance and stomp over the beliefs and dreams of those who put us there!

Unless we experience pain we NEVER change!

As a result, the same mediocrity which has plagued Ghana like an almost incurable virus still exists.

It seems the only solution is to use banned substances like DDT to purge the virus.

___ Herbert Mensah ___

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