Rawlings Doesn’t Spend His Time Thinking About Mills – Herbert Mensah

Herbert MensahBusinessman and former Chairman of Kumasi Asante Kotoko, Mr. Herbert Mensah has stated that, former President Jerry John Rawlings does not spend his time thinking of President John Evan Attah Mills contrary of what most people think.

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Mr. Mensah, who is a close associate of the Rawlings’, was speaking on a wide range of issues on Xfm’s morning show, ‘the big bite’ with Emefa Apawu

He said, although he is officially not a card bearing member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), he believes in the ideologies of the party hence his comments and utterances in the media occasionally.

He debunked the notion that the likes of him are advising and leading the Rawlings’s to doom and a path of destruction, arguing that former President Rawlings and his wife are extraordinary people who stand high above others and that anyone who knows them closely will attest to the fact that they are their own people and although they might take advice from others, the final decision lies with them.

He further stated that the NDC is going through a change with a certain era of intolerance and whiles the former President has on occasions made attempt to settle issues privately with the President, Professor Mills, they sometimes came with conditions which made it difficult for a proper resolution. He was worried that, instead of leaving the two giants, Mr. Rawlings and President Mills to settle the so called issues they have, young ministers and certain people in government have rather made the situation worse with their sometimes often unpleasant comments in the media and among party people.

“How many times did I have to go in public to ask deputy Ministers of State to mind their language, how many times did I take on the Omani Boamah’s, the Agyenim Boateng’s and the Ablakwah’s and their likes to correct the position that they were taking against the founder of their party which was totally disrespectful’?  He asked.

He described the Rawlings’s as a people’s persons and that Mrs. Rawlings decision to run for the presidency was based on the call of the people.

By Nana Mensah/ Xfm 95.1/ Accra/ Ghana

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